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You Make My Heart Soar – Airplane Valentines!

Is there anything cuter than airplane valentines? I think not! All the boys will go crazy for this one! Grab our free printable of a darling “You Make My Heart Soar” valentine cards and attach foam airplanes for a cute, cheap, and simple Valentine’s day card everyone will love! We love sharing valentine cards printable ideas, and this one is so darling!

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Grab this adorable airplane valentine with a free printable! #valentine #valentinesday #vday #valentinecards #printable #airplane

Airplane Valentines


I have a houseful of all boys, so I’m always looking for ways to make Valentine’s Day cards that will interest them, but still be oh-so-cute and perfect for this pink & red holiday. This year, it’s all about the airplanes!

airplane valentines printable

Each year, I’ve made different homemade valentines that they’ve taken to pass out at school, so if you’re looking for even more cute ideas be sure to pop over to some of our other popular valentine cards. They are all printable and easy to make, and most are candy-free options!

airplane valentines printable

This year’s airplane valentine’s day card reads…

You Make My
_ _ _ _ _
Happy Valentine’s Day!

airplane valentines printable

There’s a cute spot for a fill-in-the-blank puzzle, neatly disguised in the heart design so it’s easy to guess, but adds another fun aspect to the card. Kids surprisingly like easy, simple to solve puzzles best!

All you have to do in print out the airplane valentines on cardstock.

airplane valentines printable

Each sheet will make enough for 8 valentine cards to pass out. So in most cases you’ll only need 3-4 sheets of cardstock to make enough valentine’s day cards for the whole class.

You then attach a mini foam airplane. We used this really cute airplanes set which has 48 gliders for a steal!

You can first assemble the airplane and tape it to the back of the card using a piece of washi tape. You’ll want to use washi tape as it will keep from ripping the airplane or card when they pull it off. This option works best if you are planning valentines for a preschool or young kids as they will otherwise need assistance putting their foam flyer together.

airplane valentines printable

Another option is to simply staple the foam flier still in it’s plastic wrap. This is a good idea for older kids that would like assembling and in classroom settings with a lot of kids.

airplane valentines printable

Either way works great and results in an excited, and happy, kiddo who just can’t wait to fly the airplane!

Free Printable Airplane Valentine Cards

We’re sharing this darling airplanes valentine printable completely free! To download the printable, just click the link below to open up the printable PDF formatted with 8 valentine’s day cards per page!

Click Here —> to Download the Free Airplanes Valentine Cards Printable

Now all that’s left to do is shop for the essentials to get started!

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Grab this adorable airplane valentine with a free printable! #valentine #valentinesday #vday #valentinecards #printable #airplane

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