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The 15 Best (Totally Free) Classroom Valentine Printables

I adore valentine printables! I have been creating homemade printables for my boys to take to school for the last 3 years and I still love it. It makes me feel crafty and cutesy without having to devote tons of time. This ideas are as easy as print, assemble in minutes, and gift!

I loved this post for ideas for classroom Valentine's day cards for my preschool child and older kids too! These are the best, most unique, and totally free valentine printables! Off to print my valentines.

Top 15 Free Valentine Printables

Color by Number Valentine

1. Color by Number Printable Valentine

This adorable printable is interactive, too! The classmates
can color by number using the gifted crayons.


2. Free Play-Doh Valentine Printables

Kids love Play-Doh and this bright, colorful valentine
is sure to bring a smile to their friends’ faces!


3. Wheelie Valentine for Boys

There’s not much better than a car for boys (no matter their age!)
These perfect for boys cards would be great for girls, too.


4. Star Wars Non-Candy Valentines

 The whole class will love these light saber
included (aka glow stick) Star Wars valentines!

Maze valentine

5. Maze / Puzzle Valentine Card Printable

Give an interactive card their buddies will enjoy for hours!


6. Popcorn Valentine’s Day Idea

The bright colors of this printable really do POP just like the treat will!


7. EOS Monster Valentine Printable Gift

This valentine would be super cute to gift to close friends.
It doubles not only as a valentine card but also as a gift!

Berry Juice Box Valentine

8. Juice Box Valentine Printable Cards

This amazing idea is perfect as a preschool valentine!


9. Rainbow Loom Valentine’s Day Gift Printable

This printable valentine’s day card is totally unique as your child
can make a Rainbow Loom bracelet to include on the card.

10. Free Printable Donut Forget Valentines

Pair a printable valentine card with a pack of
your favorite mini donuts, this is such a unique idea!

Thinking of making your own DIY homemade valentine's day cards? I'm loving this adorable free printable Tic Tac Toe valentines perfect for friends, a classroom or preschool group. Pair it with stickers, a crayon, or candy. It's double awesome that it's a non-candy option!

11. Tic Tac Toe Printable Valentines

This cute printable can be a non-candy valentine or
pair it with a treat to make the card reusable!

jump rope printable valentines idea

12. Jump Rope (Toy Included) Valentines!

Hooray for a non-candy valentine that will also get them active.
What a creative idea to include an inexpensive toy.

Pencil Arrows Printable Classroom Valentines

13. Pencil Classroom Valentines Printable

Gift a useful pencil to your valentine’s with this
design that pops the pencils off the printable card!

Kool Valentines Printable Card

14. “You’re Kool” Free Valentine Printables

What a fun, bold valentine’s day card with an inexpensive
goodie included kids will love and it’s really unique!

Color Me Valentine Printables plus a pre-colored version you can print and share!

15. Coloring Page Printable Valentine Cards

These darling printables are a snap! Just print in color or in
color me version and include a crayon or colored pencil!

 top 15 free printable valentines fb

Did this post help you find a printable to share with your child’s classroom this Valentine’s Day? If so, share it on Facebook or Pinterest!

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