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“Wheelie” Valentine for Boys

If your house has an overflowing abundance of hot wheels, cleats, dinosaurs, and rubber snakes – you probably have a boy living within your walls.

I have found that even with all the Valentine’s out there to choose from – be it store bought or homemade there doesn’t seem to be an abundance of Valentine for Boys. Hearts, flowers, and cupids are equal to cooties in a little boys eyes.

Here is an awesome way for your little man to participate in the Valentine hoopla without trading in his “He-Man Woman Haters Club” membership.  A Valentine for boys that even girls can appreciate – a “wheelie” fun treat that is easy and inexpensive to make.

At about a $1.00 per card this is a cute way to make the boys happy with a fun non-candy Valentine for your child’s class. Some schools don’t allow snacks but your child still wants to bring something fun in.

Wheelie Valentine for Boys

“Wheelie” Valentine for Boys

Supplies needed:

  • Printable- print on cardstock
  • hole punch
  • 12 inch lengths of ribbon for each Valentine
  • a  Hot Wheels car for each Valentine

 Valentine Supplies


Print the “Wheelie” Valentine for Boys printable onto cardstock. Each sheet will print 4 cards per paper. Cut out your printable using scissors or a paper cutter. Next, use a hole punch to make a two holes in the middle of the card, 1 inch in from the outside edge. It should look like this:

Hole PunchRun a length of ribbon across the back of your card, and push each end through the holes and out the front. Place a car in the center and tie ribbon in a knot to secure car. Have your little one sign the card and your done. Repeat as many times as you need.

Car Valentine

Click here to print/save the pdf printable for this valentine: Wheelie Valentine Printable

paint chip valentines

For more cute valentine ideas, come see my post on Paint Chip Valentines!

Do you have any other cute Valentine for Boys ideas?

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