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August Rise Moms Challenge Calendar

Hello, August! Can you believe we’re already wrapping up summer?

My older 3 boys just started back to school and I am anxious to get back on a schedule and back to an easy to follow routine to help keep my life and home in order.

August RiseMoms Challenge Calendar

To kick start the transition to back to school, I’ve been plotting and planning little daily challenges to help me stay on track with the things that are important in my life.

This monthly challenge focuses on one aspect of your life to make the most of each day of the week:

  • Sunday – Spiritual / internal self
  • Monday – Weekly home blessing
  • Tuesday – Connecting with your children
  • Wednesday – Self-care
  • Thursday – Home task
  • Friday – Relationship with spouse and others
  • Saturday – Connecting as a family

With these day-of-the-week themes, I created a calendar with a simple daily task to challenge you, and me! Because let’s face it, I need some external accountability most of the time.

I wanted a simple daily task that would, for the most part, take less than 15 minutes. This excludes Monday’s when I do the majority of my household cleaning. That day didn’t need any extra tasks.

August Rise Moms Challenge Calendar A Moms take Blog 62smaller

So how do you join in on the challenge? You can print a copy of the August calendar and put it somewhere easy to spot. You can adjust any challenges, as may be needed, to fit your own life and family situations.

I’ll be sharing the daily challenge on my and Instagram @amomstake accounts. Follow along with me there to share your own successes, failures, and pleas for that extra ounce of motivation we sometimes need.

I’ve dubbed this challenge #RISEMOMS as it’s all about the little things that can lift us up, and help us feel accomplished in the sometimes rut of motherhood.

I’m also aiming to finish the tasks early in the morning, to help set the tone for the rest of the day!

Little things add up, and they can really make a difference, so join with me this month (and look for my September calendar to follow). I can’t wait to see how these little challenges help your home and personal lives.

Who’s in?

Monthly Challenge Tasks

  1. Enjoy your favorite treat
  2. Meal plan for the month —> Need dinner ideas? Grab this printable!
  3. Write a letter to a friend
  4. Play a game as a family
  5. Teach gratitude
  6. Weekly Home Blessing (Monday)
  7. Share a snack with your kids
  8. Spend time getting all done up —> See my 5 minute make-up routine!
  9. Organize the bathroom drawers
  10. Spend time alone with your partner
  11. Plan a trip to the park (or other outing)
  12. Read scriptures or inspirational talks
  13. Weekly Home Blessing (Monday)
  14. Read to your child
  15. Exercise
  16. Catch-up on Laundry
  17. Write a love note to your sweetheart
  18. Sit down to a family meal
  19. Attend a worship service or meditate
  20. Weekly Home Blessing (Monday)
  21. Help kids with their chores
  22. Paint your nails
  23. Organize your bedroom closet
  24. Call your mom or best friend
  25. Work together cooking a meal
  26. Reflect on your personal priorities
  27. Weekly Home Blessing (Monday)
  28. Help your child accomplish a goal
  29. Spend time on your personal hobbies
  30. Toss out old towels & linens (we did a linen closet dejunk recently, it was amazing!!)
  31. Write a thank you note to someone

And that’s it for august! Be sure to check back next month for our next monthly challenge calendar.

Tips for Using Your Challenge Calendar

  • Pencil in your own ideas where you may need substitutions
  • Cross off what you’ve finished like a to-do chart
  • Mix-and-match challenges throughout the week (or month) to fit your schedule
  • Find a challenge buddy to keep you accountable
  • Share your progress and what you’re working on with others online (join in the conversation on my Instagram or Facebook pages!)
  • Remember to just do what you can, and count that as a success!

August #RISEMOMS Challenge
Calendar Printable

Just click the link or image below to save or print a copy of the August monthly challenge calendar.

aug risemoms challenge calendar

Click Here —> to Print the August Calendar

Have ideas for future month’s challenges? Leave them in the comments. I’d love to add in readers ideas into the challenge!!

Michael Smith

Monday 29th of October 2018

I can't stress enough the importance of organizing stuff...starting with stuff, soon enough you'll find out you got your whole life decluttered...will share your calendar with my wife. I'm sure she's gonna love it!


Tuesday 28th of August 2018

I'm always telling my wife to take more time for herself. Showing her this so maybe she can finally implement some ideas!

Cindy Gordon

Tuesday 28th of August 2018

I'm in love with your focus! You've developed a great plan that's a healthy way to focus on all things important.


Tuesday 28th of August 2018

I'm liking the day of the week themes a lot. It is crazy how much my schedule has changed since school started back up. Trying to get into the groove again.


Monday 27th of August 2018

I love this challenge idea! It is so important to stay focused on the positive and on our priorities. Printing the calendar now!

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