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5 Minute Morning Make-up Routine

Getting all done up in the morning doesn’t have to take long. Here’s my 5 minute morning make-up routine that helps me feel confident and pretty, no matter what the day brings. You don’t have to layer on a ton of make-up to be able to make an impact. Here’s what work for me!

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This easy 5 minutes (or less) morning make-up routine can help you put you feel confident and pretty with minimal effort. Try these beauty tricks and some of the products we use. #beauty #makeup #routines #makeuproutine #5minmakeup

5 Minute Make-up Routine

Making your way through these face make-up steps take about 2 minutes, total. First, I start with my face with a quick all over face moisturizer. I’m a big fan of moisturizers with a 15 SPF in them to easily provide a lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen.

Next, I’ll quickly add some powder foundation. I like powder because it looks really natural and it’s easy to apply.

5 min makeup face

From there, if I have time, I’ll do a quick highlight/contour and add blush. That’s it for my face, the next area I work on is my eyes!

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2 Minute Eye Make-up Routine

After I’ve finished all my base layer of make-up, I move on to focusing on my eyes. The eyes can make such an impact. I’m pretty sure mascara is my very favorite make-up item! But first, I’ll start with a base color all over my eyelid.

After that, I’ll quickly contour my eyelid with a medium brown color and finish with a dark brown right along my lash line. I like to do this as it softens the look of eyeliner.

5 min makeup routine eye make-up

After my eye shadows, I’ll line my eyes with a pencil eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner. (I use a pencil if I’m on the go!) I’ll make a line from about the center of my eyelid to the outer edge of my eyelid.

After a quick eyelash curl, I’ll add a coat or two of mascara to my eyelashes.

To finish off my eye area, I’ll quickly accentuate my eyebrows with a taupe colored brow liner. This helps to make your eyebrows just a little bit more of a statement, I don’t go overboard here.

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Finishing the Look with My Lips

The last step is my lips. I’m not a consultant for Lipsense, but I do like their products. They’re the brand that really got me to like color on my lips. Truthfully, I hate traditional lipstick. It rubs off on everything. So for me, they’re worth the money and I really do like the color on my lips. Ironically, I now feel unfinished if I skip a lip color!

5 min makeup routine lips

I have most of their colors, but a few of my favorites are Bombshell, Heartbreaker, Sassy Z, and Aussie Rose. You’ll also definitely need a Glossy Gloss, or 2. I usually keep one of their glosses in my purse.

Make-up Storage Tips

I keep all of my make-up products in a to-go train style case. This is perfect for those days I need to grab and go with my make-up. It lets me take care of this step in the car (while parked, and not driving).

5 Minute Morning Make-up Routine 5 Minute Makeup 06862

This can be a lifesaver for busy moms of young children. Buckle in all the kids, take a drive to help them calm down, then sneak a minute or two finishing up your make-up before everyone gets out of the car at your destination. Because they’re all safely buckled in and you’re parked you can wait just 1 more song while you finish your make-up routine!

I do have a couple of duplicates – such as a pencil eyeliner – in my to-go bag.

5 Minute Morning Make-up Routine 5 Minute Makeup 06858

For convenience at home, I like to have a second set of make-up brushes. I don’t like getting them in and out of the case, so a make-up brush storage like this doesn’t take up a lot of counter space, looks good, and makes my routine that much quicker for me while at home. I got mine from TJ Maxx, but this one is pretty similar in function.

5 Minute Morning Make-up Routine 5 Minute Makeup 06828

This quick make-up routine lets me take a few minutes for myself and helps me feel more confident for the day ahead. It also helps encourage me to clean and wash my face at the end of the day – which is wonderful for my skin!

Watch my Quick Make-up Routine

You can watch me putting on my make-up routine products in this quick video clip. Yes, the video clip is 7 minutes as I show you the products and talk to the camera, not just whip on my make-up!

Do you have a must-have item as part of your morning make-up routine? 

Kerrie Mendoza

Sunday 15th of July 2018

love this look! Easy and looks fantastic.

Kelly Stilwell

Sunday 15th of July 2018

So pretty! You are quick! Love the lip color. Off to check it out!


Sunday 15th of July 2018

Great tips and you make the routine look so simple! Love the colors you used, nice and subtle and yet just the right amount.

Stephanie Pass

Thursday 12th of July 2018

I am totally going to try this out. After having kids, I totally stopped wearing makeup. I have been slowly wearing it again, but I'm so used to a bare face that I don't want to wear all the heavy foundation anymore.


Thursday 12th of July 2018

I wish I could wear makeup! I do agree that you don't have to layer on so much makeup to make an impact. My girls love their makeup and they also do like you, they have a morning regiment everyday when it comes to applying. They won't leave the house unless they have their makeup on :0)

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