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Helping Me Grow – Teacher Gift

The end of the year is near and its time to start thinking about a teacher gift for the one who has helped your little one learn for this last school year. Apples are out and chalkboard anything has probably been done a million times.  How about something that can be reused several ways beyond the homemade gift? 

This water can is cute and is a great simple project for kids to show their appreciation for a teacher.  Then it can be reused as the container for a real or silk flower arrangement, or as a watering can. Include an inexpensive packet of seeds to plant and its even more useful- Forget Me Not’s seem so appropriate for this gift. Best of all, the kids really get to make the gift and have it be something personalized from your child! 

“Helping Me Grow” Teacher Gift

Helping Me Grow - Teacher Appreciation Gift

Helping Me Grow - Teacher Gift pinit fg en rect red 28

Supplies Needed:

  • Watering  Can (Dollar Tree,  Target Dollar Spot)
  • Wooden skewers
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Pompoms or buttons
  • Floral foam
  • Tape
  • Packet of seeds, Forget-me-Nots
  • Moss or shredded paper
  • Green marker or paint
  • Printable “Helping Me Grow”


Begin by determining how many stems you will need, I broke most of my skewers in half to create varying heights, then color the skewers green to make them look like flower stems, you can use markers or paint them.

Press floral foam into watering can so that its tight.

Have your child cut flower shapes from scrapbook paper:

  • For large petaled flower– Cut heart shapes out of solid and patterned paper (2 of each for each flower). Alternate colors and tape to stem.  Add pompoms or buttons to middle to cover tape and create a flower center.
  • For “Frilly flowers”– Cut a rectangle of paper the height you want, cut strips almost all the way through paper, tape one end of paper to skewer, wrap it around, secure the other end with tape and fab the strips out.

Grow Teacher Gift Flowers

Tape flowers to stems , insert sharp ends into foam.

Tape a seed packet to a stem.

Print the Helping Me Grow printable onto card stock, cut it out and tape to another stem, have your child sign their name at the bottom in their best handwriting first to personalize your card.

Cover foam in moss or shredded paper to finish it off.

Free Printable Teacher Gift Tag

Helping Me Grow - Teacher Gift pinit fg en rect red 28

Free Printable – Helping Me Grow Teacher Gift Tag

That’s it! Of course, you can customize this project as much as you want to fit your own child’s personality and creativity.

What creative flowers would you include in your teacher gift?