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Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms!

Having a little kid in the house for the holidays is always so much fun. They are full of wonder and are excited about everything. If you have a young child you’re buying for this Christmas, or a new mom, we’ve come up with a few of this year’s hottest items to help you get an idea or two. Happy holidays and happy gift giving!

Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms! Baby toddle mom GG

We received a variety of samples and/or compensation in exchange for inclusion in this post. Affiliate links are used in this post. All opinions are our own. 


Holiday Gift Ideas for Babies & New Moms

1. Baby Carrier – Carrying babies around can be hard on mom’s backs, hips and well, everything else. Plus, at some point in the day, she really needs to use both of her hands for stuff. For those times that baby just needs to be held and mommy needs to use her hands, try placing baby in a carrier by Abiie.

Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms! Abiie

  • Abiie Huggs Countour baby carriers are designed to help hold the baby up without mom having to stand in odd positions. The soft, thick straps evenly distribute weight so the baby sits comfortably protected and mom can move about easily. The Abiie Huggs Contour is made to help the baby sit in a more stable and healthy position. This holiday season, give mom her hands back and help her and baby be more comfortable with a new Abbie Huggs Countour baby carrier.


2. Beautiful Mother’s Jewelry – This holiday season, give her a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry from Centime. With personalized jewelry pieces, she can keep her kids close to her heart all the time. From mother’s pieces to grandma or daughter and me, jewelry from Centime will be cherished by her forever.

Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms! Centime 1

  • Personalized Mother Necklaces- Centime has necklaces with full names or just initials. Gift a necklace to mom or to grandma. You can even gift to your daughter with a mother and daughter set. With various styles and shapes, there’s something she’ll love.
  • Rings– For the lady that prefers rings, Centime has a lovely collection of rings. Stackable rings, Engraved, stamped or script.
  • Bracelets- From bangle bracelets to Charm bracelets and everything in between. Personalized mothers bracelets from Centime are one-of-a-kind and beautifully made for her.


3. Care for Baby’s Skin – From diaper rashes to eczema and even heat rash EndIt! is the cure all that can help alleviate a variety of ailments with your little one. It helps provide nearly instant relief from diaper rash and relief from other problems such as itching and even bleeding! It was first developed in a tiny pharmacy in Shallotte, NC and is still an American ran and operated business!

Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms! Endit Lifestyle Pic for Round Up

  • EndIt! Topical Ointment – Babies have extra sensitive skin that is easily prone to rashes and patches of uncomfortable skin. The best gift to give a sweet little one is EndIt! Ointment! It’s the cure all you can count on to end rashes and skin conditions with ease! This topical ointment is used by medical professionals and has rave reviews from the general public.
  • Find EndIt! ointment online or look for it in local neighborhood pharmacies. Use their Where to Buy it link to find a store near you! EndIt! is backed by a money-back guarantee! If it doesn’t work, they’ll refund your money.


4. A Better Night’s Sleep – AuCuTee Sound Machine helps provide white noise to help your little one fall and stay asleep. The AuCuTee sound machines offer a variety of sound settings from white noise to waterfalls or chirping birds you can find a subtle sound profile to help your infant sleep.

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  • AuCuTee Q1 Combination Noise Machine – Customize the white noise to your unique preferences, or change up the sound settings from time to time to help your little one sleep through a variety of noises. The easier sliders let you add a variety of subtle sounds for a unique white noise experience.
  • AuCuTee Baby Soothing Sounds Machine This small and portable sound machine will auto shut-off after 30 minutes, and react to baby’s cries to start up the previous sound setting with ease!


5. Help your little one keep their sleep routine while on-the-go with CoziGo: We all know how traveling, and even every day life, can be stressful trying to stick to your baby’s sleep routine. However, using the world’s first breathable sleeping cover, the CoziGo, your little one will get better uninterrupted sleep while on-the-go.Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms! cozigo

  • The CoziGo is a breathable canopy that fits over airplane bassinets, cots, and strollers.
  • The CoziGo blocks out 97% of light which helps your your little one get better uninterrupted sleep while on-the-go.
  • Easy to install. Simply pop, clip, and you’re ready to go. When you’re done using CoziGo, it folds back up into a small circle.
  • Not only does CoziGo help prevent overstimulation while your baby is trying to sleep, but it also blocks UV rays, helps prevent germ exposure, and is 100% breathable.


6. Give the gift of comfort for both mom and baby with Boppy: Boppy offers a wide variety of products to help mom/baby adjust with comfort and ease. Whether you’re searching for the perfect nursing pillow, nursing cover, newborn lounger, baby carrier, pregnancy pillow, teething scarf, or travel accessories, Boppy has it all!

Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms! boppy

  • Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier: Wear your baby with comfort using the ComfyFit Baby Carrier. Simply click, strap, tie, and go! Made from fabric with spandex, you get the same comfort you’d receive from wearing yoga pants! It’s light weight and flexible design also includes pockets for all your needs on-the-go. Machine washable, this baby carrier comes in 3 stylish colors!
  • Boppy Luxe Feeding & Infant Support Pillow: This incredible pillow has so many great uses: provides a comfortable nursing position, gives support while propping baby up, gives added support during tummy time, and provides added cushioning when baby starts to sit! With a variety of washable covers, this pillow is the perfect addition from 0-12 months!
  • Be sure to visit Boppy for more products and information.


Fun Holiday Gifts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

1. A Classic Train Set – Brio brings the fun of trains into your home with high-quality wooden train tracks that have stood the test of time along with innovative designs and features such as Smart Tech that brings the tracks to life with a new kind of interaction with kids! Brio is the perfect gift for toddlers and preschoolers ages 3+.

Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms! RU 120148369

  • Smart Engine Set with Action Tunnels – Watch the Smart Engine set off on a new adventure as it stops, honks, blinks its lights, and even backs up! The included action tunnels make it easy to customize the Smart Engine’s actions as it works through your track.
  • Airport with Control Tower – Add another exciting element to your playroom with Airport playset. You can pair it with your train sets or for it’s own playtime. The set includes an airport complete with a control tower, airplane, pilot, and even baggage!


2. Creative and Learning Fun – Playmonster has transformed learning into a fun game with the Magnatab — a magnetic board for practicing handwriting, letters, or even just doodling. Playmonster has a variety of fun games and toys for toddlers and preschoolers on up!

Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms! RU 115954443

  • Pass the Pup This adorable fast-paced game has the players pass around the puppy until the music stops. Whoever is holding the puppy when the music has ended will get to do one of the fun puppy actions like fetching, growling, and others. It’s the perfect first game for toddlers.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Jumbo Magnatab Unleash their creativity with this large magnetic bead board that will let you play, erase, and play again and again. Using the magnetic stylus, the hidden magnet beads will be pulled up to the surface to create a variety of designs.
  • A to Z Uppercase Mangatab – Children can use the included magnetic stylus to trace the letters while learning each and proper handwriting form. Each letter shows steps with arrows for proper forming of the letters with each practice.


3. Play house with Cry Babies – If your little girl loves to pretend to be a mom, she will love playing house with Cry Babies. Cry Babies are cute, interactive dolls that cry real tears! Give your Cry Babies her pacifier, and watch the tears stop. Talk about a fun way to teach nurturing skills at a young age, appropriate for children ages 18M+.

Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms! CryBabies Lifestyle

  • Cry Babies – Designed with big bright eyes and colorful hair, these dolls come with adorable onsies and a pacifier. You’ll be amazed at the realistic baby noises these dolls make when you take away their pacifier. Plus, your little one won’t get over the fact that they cry real tears! For more added fun, move their arms and legs.
  • 5 different dolls – Meet Lea, Lala, Coney, Lammy, and Bonnie. All fun and uniquely designed Cry Babies.


4. Work on Fine Motor Skills with Play – Ontel offers fun and exciting Glow-in-the-Dark toys that will engage your preschooler as they build, draw, and play! Their popular As-Seen-On-TV Magic Tracks and Magic Pad toys are a great choice this holiday season for busy preschoolers!

Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms! IMG 20181116 093818168

  • Magic Pad – Draw, Trace, Stencil, and learn with this clear screen drawing pad that glows! It includes pens, stencils, a glow card and more!
  • Magic Track Mega RC with 2 Remote Control – This complete set includes 16 ft of tracks that are flexible and can be designed into a variety of track shapes and patterns for a variety of challenges! Includes 2 Turbo Cars and remotes so you can race!
  • Magic Track Turbo RC – This fun set includes 2 different lighting modes and a Turbo R/C car to race around your unique track designs!


5. Fun that grows with them – Edushape Kids of all ages will love getting the wonderful, educational toys from Edushape this holiday season.  All sorts of fun for infants-toddlers-preschoolers-and older! Edushape toys are not only fun, but they are also built to last (my boys can be pretty hard on their toys and these definitely stand up to the test!) and the fun spans a variety of ages (My 9 yr old, 5 yr old, and toddler spent hours building out of the corrugated blocks!) The littles will LOVE unwrapping gifts from Edushape this year. Some of our favorite gifts from Edushape are linked below:

Holiday gifts with edushate #ad

  • 52 Piece Corrugated Blocks – Hours of building fun with these great blocks! They are so sturdy that they last no matter who comes storming the castle you built! These are great for ANY age!
  • Marbulous Marble Run – With 100 pieces, there are endless possibilities that your little one could create with the Marbulous Marble Run.
  • Rollipop – Your baby will love watching the balls roll through the tunnels and paths of the Rollipop. This was an absolute favorite toy for my littles and I know it will be for yours too!


6. Gifts for the little artist or creatorVTech Toys has some wonderful gift ideas for the young artist in your life.  One of the great aspects of VTech toys is that they introduce useful technology on an age appropriate level. Your child can draw and create over and over again with the beginning art tools. When they are done drawing, they can create various adventures by connecting car tracks with the Go!Go! Smart Wheels for hours of creative fun!

Holiday Gifts for Baby, Toddlers, & New Moms! vtech1

  • Go! Go! Smart Wheels Mickey Mouse Magical Wonderland – Your young one will love connecting this new set with the other great sets from Go! Go! Smart Wheels and use all the various vehicles in their creative pretend play!
  • DigiArt Color By Lights – The light up board identifies each of the 50 included coloring pages and responds with color suggestions for each to help your little one learn colors and have fun creating art!
  • DigiArt Spirals & Sounds – They will create the most unique works of art with 4 different animal stencils and 5 gears full of fun!


Which of these gift ideas would your little one love? 

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