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Bop IT Tetris

I received Bop IT Tetris in exchange for this post. All views expressed are entirely my own. 

Let’s be honest – Tetris is an addicting game. I remember many days in High School staying entertained during my keyboarding class by playing Tetris. There is just something about trying to maneuver shapes to fit perfectly into a pattern while the clock is ticking that keeps my mind fascinated and heart racing. Although I will always have a place in my heart for the game of Tetris, I think I have found a new love: Bop It Tetris.


Hold on tight and fasten your seat belts as Bop IT and Tetris combine forces producing the ultimate game of competition. Bop It Tetris is a fast paced game testing your coordination skills and reaction time. As colored shapes light up on the screen, you must twist, slide, and slam them into place. You must match blocks on one screen to the open spaces on the other screen. The more skilled you become, you are challenged with faster time frames and higher levels. Designed for ages 8+, you may play this game by yourself or switch to party mode and play with all of your friends.


My husband and I are addicted to Bop IT Tetris. We enjoy playing party mode and passing the Bop IT Tetris back and forth waiting for the other player to fail. I find my heart rate skyrocketing and blood pumping as the music gets faster and the puzzles become more challenging – I love it! We brought Bop IT Tetris to a Halloween party and our family had a fun time challenging each other. I enjoy the humorous comments thrown out whenever a player is defeated “square peg, round hole.” Bop IT Tetris provides a thrilling spin on an old classic; it’s a “must have” for your next game night!

To experience the ultimate gaming experience brought to you by Bop IT Tetris ($29.99) or to find a retailer near you, visit Hasbro‘s website.