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Nathan Performance Running Gear Review

I received a water bottle and phone carrier in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

I started running several years ago. I had always enjoyed track at school, and honestly I envied those women who ran. They were fit and pretty. So I took up running. I am very slow, but I get the job done.  I started running 5K races, and this year, I ran the Ragnar Del Sol. It was an exhilarating experience, one that I hope to have again soon.
My friend Dennyse and I at the Finish Line, Ragnar Del Sol Feb 2014

My friend Dennyse and I at the Finish Line, Ragnar Del Sol Feb 2014

You may have a mother or father that have a love of running, what better gift than Nathan Performance running gear for the athletic Mom or Dad this Mother’s or Father’s Day. Nathan has the best accessories for the runner in your life. From water bottles, to phone holders and visibility gear,  Nathan has the right stuff to make their run perfect.
running gear
I was able to try the SonicGrip music holder and the QuickShot Insulted Plus water bottle.  I really liked being able to have my phone right in front of me and secure.  I am one of those people that constantly glass at my distance tracker, so having it in my hand in plain sight was great.
The water bottle was really cool. It was really light weight and easy to drink from as I ran. The whole time I used it, I kept flashing to the Ragnar and how I ran with a plastic water bottle,  a terrible way to run. The zipper pouch on the front was the perfect size to hold my car key (I used to have to stuff it in my sports bra).
The QuickShot water bottle is made with a reflective material that makes it look like it’s glowing when light hits it, perfect for nighttime runs.
Nathan Performance is available at retail locations like Big 5 or Dick’s Sporting Goods, or wherever running gear is available. Nathan running gear would make amazing gifts for Mom or Dad. Pair some great accessories with a paid race entry and you will have one happy Ma or Pa!