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Reduce TV Time with 3 Exciting Activities

My two year old LOVES watching television. In fact, if he were allowed, he would contently sit on the couch and watch his favorite shows all day long. Despite his great love for television, I’ve realized that NOW is the time to establish healthy media habits in my home. Wanting to raise a “low media” child, I try to limit his television time to one show a day; I’ve found that this 30-60 minute television limit still gives him time to relax, but encourages more creative play throughout the day. However, being a stay at home mom, limiting his media exposure means that I’m constantly on the look-out for creative ways to keep my toddler entertained (while still keeping my own sanity). Thankfully, Brilliant Sky Toys and Books makes creative play entertaining and exciting.

I received various toys from Brilliant Sky Toys in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 

3 Exciting Activities (that are sure to reduce TV time)

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Squigz: In order to introduce this first exciting activity, let me first tell you a little bit about Squigz ($24.99). For starters, these rubbery, flexible toys stick (through suction) to any non-porous surface; desks, lockers, the bathtub, windows, doors, walls, etc. Using Squigz, my family created a fun activity that provides hours and hours of entertainment. Drawing a target on any window or glass door (with an erasable marker), have fun throwing the Squigz at the target. These fun little suckers are the perfect toy to whirl across the room; and surprisingly, they are quite easy to stick! You win the game by sticking the most Squigz on the target.

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Squigz also provide hours of entertainment by suctioning them together, creating animals, and jewelry. The creative possibilities are endless.

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Plus-Plus Mini Basics: Plus-Plus building bricks ($29.99) take building and constructing to the next level. These colorful bricks allow you to create fun mosaics and 3-D designs. These bricks keep my toddler entertained and his hands busy. These bricks can be used for a variety of activities. Some of our favorite activities include creating letters, spelling words, counting, learning colors, sorting, building swords, animals, etc.

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Captivating Books: Nothing makes my heart happier than to have my little toddler beg to read books; not to mention, reading is a great alternative to watching TV. To help encourage young readers, try and make reading as entertaining as possible: choose books of subject interest for your child, read on a blanket in the park, under the kitchen table, curled up with a snack and blanket, etc. Bring reading to life with Illustrated Adventure Stories and Illustrated Fairy Tales ($19.99). Even though my son is too young to read on his own, he thoroughly enjoys listening to these fantastic stories. These classics are sure to captivate children of all ages through beautiful pictures and thrilling plots.

entertaining activities

exciting activities

Seriously, these toys provide hours of entertainment for the entire family; there’s no wonder why these 3 toys made Brilliant Sky Toy’s 2014 Brilliance Award Winners List. Perfect for holiday shopping, birthdays, and “just for fun” gifts, Brilliant Sky Toys & Books is your store. Whether you choose to visit one of Brilliant Sky Toy’s 17 specialty shops or shop online, your child will fall in love with these 10 mind-captivating and award winning toys:

2014’s Brilliance Award Winning Toys

· Squigz Starter Set (24 pieces)

· Plus-Plus Mini-Basic (480 pieces)

· Lottie Dolls

· Doodle Quest

· Create Your Own Storybook

· Super Stadium Baseball Game

· LoopDeLoom

· Sew Cute Sets

· Illustrated Adventure Stories and Illustrated Fairy Tales

· Paint Your Own Porcelain Bowls

As a parent, I can truly appreciate a toy store that sells such fascinating one-of-a-kind toys. These toys are some of the few that readily pull my son away from the television and help him develop his find motor skills and imagination. For more information concerning the 2014 Brilliance Award List, to shop online, or find a toy store near you, be sure to visit Brilliant Sky Toys & Books.


Monday 24th of November 2014

I love that the have such a great selection of toys!


Monday 24th of November 2014

The LoopDeLoom looks like fun. My daughter would love this.


Monday 24th of November 2014

Such fun gifts! I'd love to have the Squigz Starter Set!

Lisa Garner

Monday 24th of November 2014

These are all great toys and I love how they promote imagination. My daughter would love the Lottie doll.

Lisa L

Monday 24th of November 2014

The Plus-Plus Mini-Basic (480 pieces) would be nice for my kids!

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