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ClosetMaid Closet Makeover Project – After!

If you recall, a few weeks ago I shared that I would be doing a closet makeover in our kid’s bedroom closet with ClosetMaid! Our closet only had a built in single rod for hanging which only really held a few backpacks and jackets. We had to make up for the wasted space with lots of tubs and totes and it was always hard to access things we needed to reach. Here’s a reminder of our closet “before” shot!


ClosetMaid Before Makeover

When the ClosetMaid boxes arrived in 13 total boxes I thought for sure it was going to be a long and difficult process getting everything put together. We set aside a Saturday to put it all together. Once we got started, though, we quickly learned that the shelves were really easy to put together! It was just a dozen or so steps to put together the entire closet and every step was really easy to understand and follow. Then, I thought okay then the drawers are going to have to be difficult to get lined up and installed. Nope, I was wrong again. The ClosetMaid system uses the pre-drilled holes that can hold drawers or shelves so it was just a matter of counting how many holes down to go and screwing the drawer slides into place. I was really amazed at how simple everything was! Here’s a picture of our “after” with completed shelves!


ClosetMaid After Makeover

Once everything was put together, it was time for the fun part, arranging everything just how I wanted! I loaded in all the clothes into the drawers and with six drawers I could get TONS of clothes sorted and put away. I used the bottom two drawers for pants and one for shorts. Then, I did all the shirts in one and pajamas, underwear and socks in another. I still have two empty drawers left! Now, everything is within reach for my two year old since he’s only using the lower four drawers. I also was able to add books onto their shelf which has been great for bedtime stories. Before, they never had a really good place to store books so all of their books were kept in the nursery on the hutch we have in that room. They love having books in their room and my four year old can easily reach them and loves looking at books in bed before bedtime and naps.
ClosetMaid Closet Makeover Project - After! ClosetMaid

I have really loved the bottom slanting shoe racks! They are great for keeping my kids shoes contained and away and they look really cute lined up there, too. I really like all the flexibility and options you have with ClosetMaid to really make the system your own. I was able to choose between the standard shelves, adding drawers, mixing in shoe shelves, and cubby holes. They also have drawer fronts available, but I thought open would be easier for my boys. You could make an amazing adult closet project with rows of the slanting shoe shelves if your a shoe collector or use lots of open shelves with cute baskets for clothing storage. I think my new closet system is absolutely beautiful and I still have tons of room on the shelves and drawers for adding in toys, books, games, and clothes as needed. The starter system does come with hanging rods, as well. We didn’t install those as they weren’t really being used in our last arrangement anyways and we’d like to take our shelves with us when we move which will likely be in the next two years.

ClosetMaid After Makeover

You can get started with your own closet makeover by creating your own ClosetMaid configuration to meet your space and needs! Check out ClosetMaid’s beautiful solutions and design inspirations and galleries to help you get started! You can find ClosetMaid products online including their website and their online Amazon storefront and at home improvement and mass merchandising stores.

Disclosure: I received ClosetMaid products to facilitate my closet makeover. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

Maria Iemma

Monday 25th of February 2013

Gosh, I have so much stuff - I love the way everything looks so organized and neat


Wednesday 20th of February 2013

LOVE this idea! I could essentially replace the dresser in my daughter's room with a smart closet system, and make room for something fun in her room. She would adore something that girly.

steve mccuan

Friday 8th of February 2013

wow great system I need to do this in my room

michelle warner

Friday 8th of February 2013

wow great tips thanks a bunch, we are going to do some organization this weekend, i needed a little help

debbie corbin

Wednesday 6th of February 2013

I need to this in my closet.. getting the time to do it, is the real chore.. good job!

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