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The 2014 Toyota Sienna Takes Care of Everyday Trips

#Endorsed – I am part of the Toyota #SiennaDiaries blogging team on behalf of TMS/USA. I will be test driving this 2014 Toyota Sienna through the end of 2013. All opinions are my own.

The Sienna has been going with us wherever we go over the past month, now. It’s taken us to and from school drop-offs, on errands, shopping trips, to visit family and friends, and even to bring a cousin home with us for a sleepover! In all of our travels, the biggest feature that stands out to me over and over again is the convergence of automatic doors! I’m not so sure how I ever managed to load all my kids into the car without doors that they could open themselves or with push button operation to open the door on one side of the car while I was on the other so my 3 year old could get out of the car.

Toyota #SiennaDiaries

The two sliding side doors can open with a light pull on the handle which will trigger the automatic opening of the door. You can also open the doors from buttons right inside the door panel making it easy to exit. There are two parent options as well, easy buttons you can access while driving up on the ceiling and buttons to open the doors on the keys as well! Above I had just pushed the button on my keys and stood back to watch as the door opened without even touching the door. No more trying to grab the heavy door with a baby or groceries in your arms!

2014 Toyota Sienna

The back hatch for the trunk has automatic options as well and can close with the touch of a button! I always struggled to shut those heavy hatch trunk doors myself. Now, it is so easy!! The trunk has lots of cargo space and is perfect for storing all of our groceries! It also fits our stroller, camping chairs, suitcases, or whatever else we happen to be hauling. There is quite a bit of room! Of course, you can also fold down the back row of seats if you needed more storage space and that’s as easy as the touch of a single button as well!

Toyota Sienna 2014

We have really loved driving the Sienna for our everyday trips and day in and day out life! I have so many, many more features to show you coming soon so check back! The 2014 Toyota Sienna is available now! The model shown above is a Sienna LTD.