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How to Wake Up for School

Last year we sent our oldest off to school for the first time. I remember how exciting, scary, sad, happy, nervous and whatever other random bits of emotion I felt and I know my son was feeling, too, as we headed off to his first day at school. It’s a huge change and a really exciting time as we have the opportunity to watch as our children grow up and become independent and learn so much throughout the school year. As a family, we decided it was important for our son to learn to be responsible for getting himself ready in the morning including setting his alarm and laying out his clothes the night before school and waking up in the morning to get dressed, fill his water bottle, and make sure his folder was in his backpack.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids. The opinions and text are all mine.

He did a really great job of getting himself ready nearly every morning except for a couple of times he forgot to turn on his alarm the night before. One of the few mornings he had forgotten to set his alarm I happened to forget to plugin my phone so it died at some point in the middle of the night. We both went on snoozing right past our usually wake up time and woke up about an hour late. I’ll admit, the extra sleep sure was divine! Still, it turned out to be so funny as my son comes stumbling into our room at about 8:15 in the morning asking me if school was already over and if he missed it. We all ended up laughing about how we all slept in and forgot our alarms. My son couldn’t help but snicker as he told his brothers, “mom forgot!” He did still made it to school that day even though he was late.

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My son on his last day of school.

To help you avoid the same situation, here’s a silly approach that is sure to help you wake up in the morning! (Don’t take these tips too seriously!!)

How to Wake Up for School!

  • Set 2 or 3 alarms, This works best if you place one on the night stand and the others further away so you have to actually get up to turn off your alarm
  • Keep all the curtains and blinds open in your room so the sunshine pours right on in
  • Go to bed at 5pm, 14 hours of sleep ought to do it
  • Consider raising a rooster

On a more serious note, you could just remember to plug in your phone or set the one alarm clock that you do have. We added in setting his alarm to our son’s nighttime routine which made it much easier for him to remember. Then, I cleared off a spot for my phone on my nightstand where my charging cord rests so it is much easier to remember to plug in my phone at night.

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