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You Know You’re Pregnant When…

For those of you that visit my blog often you already know that I have four little boys ages six and under. That means I’ve gone from pregnancy to nursing and back again over and over for over seven years straight! If there is one thing I am familiar with it is the discomforts that come along with pregnancy (and labor!).

You Know You're Pregnant When... by Janel at A Mom's Take

Pregnancy Complaints

Here’s a fun and light-hearted look at what pregnancy has meant to me. Maybe I’m just one crazy pregnant lady, but I bet you can relate to most of these, too.

You know you’re pregnant when…

  • The porcelain bowl becomes your best friend for a full month.
  • You take weekly pictures of your growing bump in the bathroom mirror because you don’t want to ask for help, again, from your partner that just doesn’t get why you need the picture.
  • The nurse asks you why you gained five pounds in the past week. You know it’s the chocolate’s fault, but don’t want to confess.
  • You find yourself dreaming about an affair with someone famous, a crazy birth experience, or something as similarly insane.
  • You eat the same meal everyday for a week! Thank goodness you found something you can keep down and you are craving!
  • Anyone that walks past you insists that you look “ready to pop!” even if you’re only 25 weeks along.
  • You cry at anything sad, sappy, or silly.
  • The baby wakes you up in the middle of the night with hiccups and you can’t fall back asleep!
  • You wear your pants unbuttoned because you don’t want to move into your maternity clothes yet.
  • Pajamas are an acceptable wardrobe because you’re tired of your pants digging into your belly and you’re just too hot to wear anything else.
  • The tenth trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night felt so urgent but you were only rewarded with a few drops of pee.
  • Your partner complains of you stealing all his pillows and most of the bed!

My worst pregnancy symptom is the full month of morning sickness that always seems to last from 7 to 11 weeks of pregnancy. I have yet to find a way to curb that period of being sick but I did quickly learn that something light to snack on before crawling out of bed for the day and water helped through the rest of the pregnancy mornings.

I also would occasionally get a really bad leg cramp in the middle of the night and I quickly learned that a half a glass of milk would keep those at bay!

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