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Spider Web Art Project + Pencil Box Shopping Guide

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When I was a kid, every year as we started to approach Halloween we would pull out a piece of black construction paper and make a simple spider web art project using Elmer’s school glue. This project is still something I remember, even years down the road. This year, my boys are old enough to recreate this childhood memory with me so we set out to make our own spider web art project. This is a really easy art project, but one the kids really enjoy as it’s so different than just a color and cut project they are used to.

Spider Web Art Project

What you’ll need:
  • Black construction paper, or other color of your choice
  • Elmer’s school glue
  • Scissors and scrap paper, if you want to make a spider


Start by drawing a lower case “t” or a + sign on your construction paper by slowing squeezing your Elmer’s school glue to form the lines.

Spider Web

Next, form an “x” that meets at the center of the + you’ve already made so that you have one center point and 8 straight lines off from the center.

Spider Web

Now start at the center and winding your way slowly along from line to line working your way to the outer edge connecting the straight lines with a single line of glue that makes a spiral up and through the lines forming a spider’s web.

Glue Spider Web

You can add bling to the web if you’d like with a bit of glitter, but we usually avoid glitter to stay mess free.


Cut or coarsely rip from your scrap paper a round spider belly and eight straight legs, connecting the legs with a dot of Elmer’s school glue.

Spider Web with Glue

Allow the spider and the web to dry, then add the spider to your art work and let him climb his way across the dry webs.

As you are getting ready for back to school this year and all the upcoming art projects your children will face – whether at home, school, or preschool, plan on gathering all the supplies you’ll need for a well-stocked pencil box while supplies are cheap.

Pencil Box Shopping Guide:

  • Yellow #2 Pencils, or other pencils if accepted by your school
  • Elmer’s glue stick or School Glue
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Pen
  • Markers / Crayons / Colored pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Protractor and Compass if needed for your grade level.

When you bring home all of your school supplies, organize them into an easy to identify tote or box so you can easily restock your pencil box throughout the school year. Load three pencils, your pencil sharpener, ruler, one big pink eraser, two glue sticks or a school glue, and your choice of coloring utensils into your pencil box.

Elmer’s is America’s #1 School Glue. A must-have for every backpack, Elmer’s School Glue is always safe, always washable.

Did you make any fun art projects focused around glue?

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