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Wonder Forge Games

I received Wonder Forge Games in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

My husband and I love board games. We love having friends over and loading up the table with games and snacks! Well, you know that saying, “An apples doesn’t fall far from the tree”? Our kids are board game lovers too! Even at such a young age they love to pull out the games and will play all day if I will let them!

Well the Easter Bunny sure knows my kiddos well because he included some awesome new games from Wonder Forge in their baskets this year, and we have been playing them non-stop for the last few days.

photo 1

My little lady yelled, “FROZEN!!!” and burst into song when she saw this adorable Frozen Matching $9.99 game Easter morning. This box is full of our favorite Arendelle characters and we love finding their match over and over again. The game includes 72 beautiful picture tiles. My oldest in only 3, so we only play with 24 of the tiles for now, but I love that you can make this game more difficult for older kids just by changing up how many tiles you lay out. My little girl is 19-months-old so she plays as my teammate, but she calls out,”Same-same!!”, every time we get a match. It is just too much fun!

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They other game we have been playing non-stop is Planes Sky Race $19.99. This game is so much fun, and the best part is that it can be completely different every time you play it! See, you set up your own race course around your house! Then you take turns flying your airplanes from stage marker to stage marker. The tricky part comes in how they fly, by choosing a flight control tile you determine whether you are throwing your planes backwards, upside down, from your knees, or over your head, just to name a few. My little guy giggles the whole time we play, I can’t wait to have some of his friends over to play!

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Wonder Forge has a huge selection of award winning games to choose from. Featuring all your kids favorite like Curious George, Busytown, Justice League, Disney Princesses and so many more, there is sure to be something for everyone to love.