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Growing a Destination Place #GroSomethingGreater

This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have always loved a good garden.  For each of us this can mean so many things.  I used to think that a garden needed to have no weeds in it to be beautiful.  After many years I have discovered that may not be so.

chicks and ducks 027One way to know if your garden is a success; does it draw you too it?  I planted These Kiwi several years ago, hoping for fruit.  Never did I realize the fruit I would be growing would be an appreciation for a destination place.

During this summer we decided to grow chicks and ducklings. We wanted our children to experience the sweet fuzzy cuteness of them.  Also to learn to care for them.  And watch them grow.

ducks in the rain 065

This garden ended up being the destination place for our baby ducks.  They loved to spend all afternoon laying in the weeds and flowers.  It was a cool protected place from predators. With lots of bugs and snails to chew on.

chicks and ducks 020Then when it was time to take the chicks out for a play, the children went directly to our favorite gathering place to let them run.  With a little water, and Miracle-Gro as food for the nourishment of our fruit and flowers we had a special place to be all summer long. 

chicks and ducks 031

Then when the day was winding down and the babies were all put away for the day, I looked out the window, and these two precious people had found their way to the destination spot of their choosing.

When  we focus on the destination, and how people will feel when they spend time there, you can let go of the little things, like a few weeds.  My focus has changed from weeds, to wonder.  Looking at the beauty in the green and flowers, and the way my children love to be in and around them.  This is what growing a destination place is all about for me.

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