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A Workout to Fit Your Schedule & Sweat Unlimited Review

I don’t have the time or funds to be a gym member. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t find ways to exercise on a daily basis. I try to find creative ways to incorporated exercise into my daily routine. Not only does this keep me healthy, but helps me feel good about myself. Here are a few things I do to keep active without spending a lot of time and money.

A Workout to Fit Your Schedule

Since I have a little six month old baby, whenever I clean my house, I like to put him in a front pack and carry him around the house. Multitasking like this helps me burn a few extra calories while taking care of my child.

Whenever I go to the grocery store, I try to park far away from the entrance. This extra walking distance adds up.

Mopping/sweeping take a lot of energy. While my husband is at school, I like to blast my music and have fun cleaning my floors. Adding leg/arm weights while doing these activities helps keep my body in shape.

Whenever I have the option, I ALWAYS take the stairs.

I like to use canned goods as my weights to help tone my arms. While watching TV, I like to do arm/ab exercises during commercials.

I love to do workout videos. Exercising from home is SO convenient. Sweat Unlimited is an exclusive exercise DVD perfect for any schedule. With workouts ranging from 5-45 minutes, you can create an exercise routine ideal for your body and schedule. Sara Haley, the creator of Sweat Unlimited will help you strengthen and tone your body to perfection. Each DVD comes with four different workouts and a bonus stretch routine.


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Sweat Extreme (5 minutes) Tone, strengthen, and energize your entire body with this five minute routine.

Sweat Strength (15 minutes) Sculpt your entire body through innovative and unique exercises.

Sweat Cardio (30 minutes) Enjoy 30 minutes of fat burning dance moves that will rock your world.

Sweat Box (45 minutes) You will kick away those extra pounds through boxing drills and core exercises.

Bonus: Sweat Stretch (5 minutes) Focus on stretching your muscles groups through this innovative stretching routine.


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I love popping in my Sweat Unlimited DVD and burning calories. Sara Haley is so much fun to work out with. Her upbeat personality and creative moves make me forget that I am exercising. The bright colors of the clothing and set give me the energy boost that I need. I love that I am able to create a work out video that is perfect for my schedule. I can work out 5 minutes here and 30 minutes there. I never get bored with her workouts because there are such a wide variety of routines. Although I am not a dancer, I enjoy incorporating fun moves into my exercise. I like how Sara shows me how to do the moves before we start moving fast. My favorite Sweat Unlimited workout is Sweat Strength. I feel that it works every muscle in my entire body in 15 minutes. Sweat Unlimited is the perfect way to create a workout to fit any woman’s schedule.

Sweat Unlimited can be purchased on amazon and also by visiting ($24.99). Follow Sara on Twitter @sarahaleyfit and Facebook

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