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Quirky Holidays to Send a Gift Basket

There are the holidays and special occasions that are known and remembered by the masses; however you can really make an impression when you send gift baskets on a strange or quirky holidays that is not as well-known. Here are some strange, bizarre and downright funny holidays that you can celebrate:

Fun and Quirky Holidays to Celebrate during the year!


January 19th: National Popcorn Day – Do you know someone who loves the movies and/or popcorn? What a great way to let them know you care, with a themed gift basket containing movies, popcorn, and movie treats.

January 24th: National Compliment Day – What better way to send a compliment than with a gift basket?

January 26th: Spouse’s Day – This is great for those spouses who forget anniversaries! Try to remember this one instead!

January 28th: Fun at Work Day – The best way to have fun at work is giving a gift basket for all of your co-workers to enjoy.

January 31st: Backward Day – Embrace the backwardness of this day with a creative gift basket filled with backward designed goodies.



February 15th: Singles Awareness Day – Have a friend who is single and a little bummed out about that? Send them a basket filled with their favorite things.

February 16th: Do a Grouch a Favor Day – A gift basket to your neighborhood grouch just might be enough to turn that frown upside down!

February 17th: Random Acts of Kindness Day – Possibly a little more well known that some of these other quirky holidays, but definitely worth considering to send a deserving someone a special gift.

February 23rd: International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day – This is a great day to send puppy style gift baskets to your loved one’s furry best friends.

February 26th: Tell a Fairytale Day – This is a great opportunity to give a little princess you know a gift basket filled with fairytale books and other delights fitting of your little royal one.

February 26th: Carnival Day – A gift basket filled with all those yummy carnival treats that you can always purchase on the midway.



March 1st: Employee Appreciation Day and National Salesperson Day – This holiday actually falls on the first Friday in March and is a great way to give your staff a gift basket to reward their hard work all year round.

March 1st: Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day – Such a perfect day to send peanut butter treats in a basket to give as a gift.

March 3rd: I Want You to be Happy Day – What else makes someone happier than receiving a gift just intended for them to be happy?

March 6th: Dentist’s Day – A special day for your dental care provider is the best way to show your appreciation by giving a gift basket.

March 14th: Learn About Butterflies Day – Did you know that you can send butterflies in the mail in what is called “pupa” form before they hatch? For someone who loves butterflies, watching them being born and nursing the babies until they are strong enough to be released is a great experience.



April 1st: International Fun at Work Day – Perhaps this holiday was so names because it also happens to be April Fool’s Day, but gift baskets with an international flare are even more fun than pranks and jokes.

April 2nd: Reconciliation Day – What better way to reconcile differences and make up with those from your past than by sending a beautiful gift basket to them?

April 4th: School Librarian Day – This is a great time to recognize the staff at the library that are most likely often forgotten or overlooked.

April 6th: Sorry Charlie Day – If you missed out on reconciliation day a few days prior, now is your chance to say you are sorry, even if his name isn’t Charlie.



May 4th: Star Wars Day – This holiday is becoming more and more well known, but for anyone who does not know, this day is celebrated by Star Wars fans as “May the 4th Be With You” Day.

May 6th: National Nurses Day – Send a gift basket or bring one to work for your fellow nurses who give so much of themselves all year long.

May 7th: National Teacher’s Day – This usually falls on Tuesday of the first full week in May. Honor your teachers past and present by showering them with gifts for the thankless, tireless, and important job they do.

May 15th: National Chocolate Chip Day – Who doesn’t love chocolate chips? Put together a gift basket filled with treats that feature chocolate chips and you will be all set!



June 8th: Best Friends Day – You know exactly what type of gift to put together for your BFF, so mark this day on your calendar to honor that most special friendship.

June 11th: Hug Holiday – Everyone needs a hug every once in a while. Make sure to get caught up with hugs on this day and send hugs along with other favorites in a basket.

June 12th: Red Rose Day – Not that you have to have a special occasion to send flowers to a love one, but Red Rose Day calls for a specific flower in your basket of gifts on this day.

June 26th: Beautician’s Day – This is the day you can honor your beauty professionals that take care of your hair, nails, and makeup the rest of the year.



July 1st: International Joke Day – Send a basket full of jokes and fun to make the day of that special someone.

July 2nd: I Forgot Day – Uh Oh! Did you forget something? Use this holiday to make up for anything that might have been forgotten and hopefully a gift basket will help bygones be bygones.

July 5th: Work-a-holics Day – Hopefully even the busiest work-a-holic will take some time to at least enjoy your gift basket on this day that acknowledges them for all the tireless hard work they do.

July 10th: Teddy Bear Picnic Day – Who doesn’t want to celebrate this day? What a fun way to celebrate with little ones who love teddy bears and picnics.



August 3rd: National Mustard Day – Ketchup may get a lot of attention in the US, but where would we be without mustard? Make up a nice gift set of different flavor mustards for someone who loves them.

August 4th: International Forgiveness Day – Falls on the first Sunday in August. A nicely put together gift basket goes a long way toward aiding forgiveness.

August 9th: Book Lover’s Day – Not all gift baskets have to include candy or edible treats. On a day especially for book lovers, a basket full of books is all the treats they need.

August 11th: Son and Daughter Day – Take this opportunity to give a gift to your child or children, they will love a surprise gift basket.



September 8th: Grandparent’s Day – This holiday is always the first Sunday after Labor Day. Always take every opportunity to celebrate your grandparents; they are a big part of the treasures in life.

September 13th: Positive Thinking Day – Spread messages of positivity with a gift for someone who needs it today.

September 19th: International Talk Like a Pirate Day – This is one of the most fun strange holidays of the year. Celebrate by not only talking like a pirate, but looking like one too with a basket full of treasures.

September 25th: National Comic Book Day – A basket filled with comic books is perfect for that huge fan in your life.



October 1st: World Vegetarian Day – A basket full of farm fresh veggies is the best way to promote healthiness or just to make your favorite vegetarian extremely happy.

October 5th: Do Something Nice Day – Just like the day commands, give a gift pack to someone who deserves to have something nice done for them.

October 9th: Fire Prevention Day – This is a great time to salute your fire fighters or put together a basket of fire safety supplies and tips.

October 21st: National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day – What’s that you said? Pumpkin cheesecake, yes please!



November 3rd: Sandwich Day – Everyone has a sandwich lover that they know who has an unusual love for sandwiches. Honor them with a basket full of sandwich treats today.

November 12th: Chicken Soup for the Soul Day – Whether it is for a fan of the series of inspirational books, or just someone who needs some old fashioned healing, take time today to put together a gift for them.

November 15th: America Recycles Day – Put together a basket full of recycled products and other gifts that are environmentally friendly.

November 29th: You’re Welcome Day – Traditionally the Friday after Thanksgiving and this is the best time to welcome friends and family with a basket full of gifts and love.



December 4th: Santa’s List Day – This is the day for those kids to start getting that list together. Maybe they can send Santa a gift basket showing how nice they are.

December 7th: National Cotton Candy Day – Who doesn’t love a gift basket that includes cotton candy.

December 8th: National Brownie Day – Test out some new recipes and include a few different brownie flavors in a gift for your friends or co-workers.

December 13th: Poinsettia Day – These wonderful flowers that represent the season make a wonderful addition to a December gift basket.


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shirley carr

Sunday 26th of May 2013

wow didnt know all these holidays!

Christa Sloan

Monday 13th of May 2013

i love holidays so much, so thanks!


Wednesday 1st of May 2013

And here I thought I was clever "inventing" a family holiday for my girls, which I call Daughter Day, because their birthdays fall within 2 weeks of Christmas. I wanted another occasion to give gifts that wasn't right at Christmas. (My oldest's birthday is the day after Christmas!) I had no idea there was already a Son and Daughter day in August. Oh well, I made our holiday on my late grandfather's birthday, in June, so I'll stick with ours but this is a neat list. There's a lot of fun stuff on here!

A Mom's Take

Wednesday 1st of May 2013

I love that you did that, what a good father!!

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