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The Convenience of Bundling for New Moms


You might already be familiar with the concept of bundling as it applies to monthly services. For instance, many utility companies offer internet, phone, and TV packages designed to give you a discounted rate over the individual service costs, and allow you the budgetary control of paying one bill over three. Bundling has become popular with many consumers, and can now apply to goods as easily, usually in conjunction with shopping for regular household supplies such as baby items.

How Bundles Work

Bundles in this sense are package selections of commonly needed baby items like diapers, wipes, lotion, and baby wash.  Depending on the company you go through, bundles have varying levels of customization on what specifically is included and in what quantities. Many companies offer multiple bundles that have different themes or focuses for supplies, and can be alternated on a rotating basis to make sure everything you need is covered. These are most often sold in lots designed to accommodate a month’s worth or more of use for each item, and are another form of bulk buying, one common strategy to saving money on household goods.

Advantages to Bundles

Bundles are most commonly found through online sites that may require membership. However, these baby stores often offer you the membership free as long as you are subscribed to their shipment services. This means in addition to the discounts of buying bulk supplies, bundles may also allow you connection to parenting networks and communities sometimes offered in members-only areas of these sites. This is a handy way of putting your household chore of shopping to work for you.

Another advantage that a busy new mother can appreciate is the convenience of bundles. Online ordering, shipping to your door, and customizable schedules for shipments both ensures you never run out of necessary supplies, and saves gas money and precious time driving to the store for weekly errands and emergency restocking runs. Companies also often send reminders about upcoming shipments and allow you to track your ordering habits, letting you stay organized and on top of your supplies.

Shopping for Bundles

Not all bundles are created equal, of course, and the reputation and practices of the company you are looking to purchase from must be considered. Responsive customer service with good availability is obviously a must. Check as well to see if the company offers sample packs of the bundled products, so you can familiarize yourself with items you haven’t used before, and can test the quality of what you’re going to receive. If bundles are pre-packaged and items within can’t be swapped out, make sure all the products are appropriate to your parenting style and will be used; clearly, the savings on buying bundles will be lost if you’re paying for things that aren’t needed. Finally, examine return policies and any money-back guarantees to see how safe the buying experience is with the company. Bundling baby products for your peace of mind and healthy wallet shouldn’t have to be a compromise on satisfaction with your purchase.