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Freshen Your Home with Holiday Scents!

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze

I had the opportunity to check out the holiday scent line from Febreze. Their holiday scents like Apple Cider and Cranberry Frost bring in the feelings of the holidays and leave your home smelling beautiful, too. I love the smells of the holidays from a freshly baked pie to pine trees and apple cider, all of the winter smells. With Febreze, it’s easy to get your home smelling like the holidays with little work on your part.

Febreze Holidays

The Febreze line offers scented oils, which are my very favorite scenting product. Since it’s so easy to just pop in a scent and have a hint of your scent for about a month with no extra work, I’ve always been a big fan of scented oils. Plus, I think they smell more pure and clean than a candle. The only thing is, often I stop noticing the scent so much because I’m used to the smell day in and day out. Febreze NOTICEables helps combat that feeling of the same scent day in and day out with their dual scented oil warmers. No, you pop in a dual refill and the warmer will automatically switch between the two scents to give your home a fresh smell that changes, too!


Another really unique product that lets you have the convenience and fresh scent of scented oils without having to be plugged and needs no batteries in is their Set & Refresh pods. You pop in a scent and adjust the frequency. The scent can last for up to a month. We have a long awkward family room so placing our Set & Refresh up on our bookshelf helped it not stand out but bring that fresh scent to our whole room.

I really like the new scent, especially the Cranberry Cider refill for the Set & Refresh. It brings in the feelings of the holidays in what feels very far from winter here in Phoenix with sunny 70° days. It’s a warm and inviting scent that isn’t overpowering.

What is your favorite Holiday scent?