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Vaultskin Lexx Wallet Review

I received a Vaultskin Lexx wallet in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Do you remember that episode of Seinfeld when George’s wallet gets so big that he can’t sit down anymore.

Georges-WalletMy husband has been battling the wallet issues for awhile now. He doesn’t hoard stuff like George but he HATES the bulk of a traditional wallet. For years he has tried going with a slim front-pocket style wallet, but he still has keys, a phone, and a wallet in his pocket.


He loves his new Vaultskin Lexx wallet. It doubles and a phone case and holds everything he needs. It is very well made and the leather is really soft. It can hold up to 8 cards, cash, keys, or other valuables. A magnet hold everything securely in place but keeps them easily accessible. It has been the perfect solution.


Vaultskin offers these slim cases for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. They come in black and brown premium leather. They are avalible on their website here or on Amazon here.