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Room On The Broom Review

I received various Room On The Broom items in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Remember this post about my favorite Halloween books? I was introduced to Room On The Broom by Julia Donaldson when I was teaching second grade. One of my students brought it in to share and I bought my own copy that same night!

Room on the broom

It is a fun story about a witch on a broom and all the friends who join her on her journey. It has fun rhyming, repetitive text that is so much fun to read aloud! This is currently my two and a half year olds favorite book. We read it before every nap and each night at bedtime. He loves to yell “woosh, they were gone” at the end of each page.


He was more than excited when I showed him the brand new  Room On The Broom app from Magic Light Pictures. This app is for kids 3-7 and is so much fun. Its designs are perfect, based on Alex Scheffler’s original illustrations and there are eight games that practice early learning skills involving all your favorite characters from the story.


Games included are:

·       Join the stars – Fly through the air and connect all the sparkly stars to find the right image!

·       Find the hat – The Witch has lost her hat! Is it behind the tree? Help Dog find the hat in the woods.

·       Windy day collecting game – It’s a windy day and Cat needs help collecting a few things, will you help? Be careful not to miss them!

·       Find the bow – The Witch has lost her bow! Is it in the hay? Help Bird find the bow in the field.

·       Find the wand – The Witch has lost her wand! Is it under the lily pad? Help Frog find the wand in the pond.

·       Drawing with stars – Light up your imagination by creating pictures in the night sky. Place the numbered stars where you wish and watch the witch transform it into a dot-to-dot picture.

·       Dragon loves fries – The Dragon is hungry and is planning to have fries for his dinner! Feed the dragon fries and avoid the other falling objects from the sky!

·       Fly the magnificent broom – Whoosh! Join the gang on the magnificent broomand fly through the starry night sky. Take control and steer the broom to collect letters, which spell out a word!

My son’s favorite game is Dragon loves fries. My favorite feature? No in-app purchases! I know my son can freely explore the app without accidentally spending any money!

The new Room on the Broom Games interactive app is available through the iTunes store for iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch; and on GooglePlay and Amazon for Android devices, priced at $4.99. For more information and fun activities visit their website. You can purchase the book at your favorite local book store or here.