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Snap Bibs Review

I received Snap Bibs in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Kids + food = mess, at least it does at my house! Tell me I am not the only one who has kids that look like this when they are done eating.


The thing is, my kids are not really babies anymore, they are toddlers. One of them is not into being messy at all and does great at meal times and the other could care less about covering herself from head to toe in mess as long as she is enjoying herself! She was ruining clothing all over the place because the bibs we have are made for babies and don’t really give her enough coverage anymore.


Snap Bibs have solved our meal time woes! These cute bibs are made from a thick, sturdy vinyl and have strong snap that secures them in place. They wipe clean really easily, even if the food has dried. I love that I do not have to add to my laundry to keep clean bibs ready to use. At home I run them through some warm soapy water, if we are out and about I just wipe the bib down with a baby wipe and throw it back in my bag and then clean it when we get home!

photo 1

My absolute favorite thing about these bibs? Look at this coverage:

photo 4

Snap Bibs do the best job at covering my toddler and really protecting her shirts from those drips and dribbles that happen in that “No! I do it!” phase! Because they are made of vinyl, wet spills do not soak through to her clothing underneath and I am not sure why, but when she spills food like yogurt, it doesn’t slide down the bib to her lap. I am sure there is a scientific explanation for this, but honestly all I care about is her clothes staying clean!

photo 2

If you are a new mom, or just one looking to get rid of that huge pile of bibs you have to wash every other day, I totally recommend grabbing a few of these babies. Do yourself a favor and order more than one right off the bat and save yourself the shipping for when you decide to go back for more! Snap Bibs are about $8 each, but you can save when you buy them in bundles of 2, 3, 4, or 5! Find them here and make sure to enter to win one below! The price of these cute bibs goes up to $12 at 12:01 Wednesday, March 26, so grab some tonight at the lower price!