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Skin Repair with Eraclea

I received Eraclea skincare products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Cold, dry weather seems to bring out the absolute worst in my skin. During the winter months, my lips become uncomfortably dry; this leads to chapped and cracked skin. Let’s be honest, cracked lips are NOT attractive or kissable. Luckily, this winter, I have found the solution to my problem by using Eraclea’s Ever-moist Lip Balm. 

Eraclea’s Ever-moist Lip Balm not only hydrates your lips, but repairs your dry and broken skin. Replenishing lost moisture, this 4 fluid oz container of lip balm will make your chapped lips disappear and make your smile shine. Made with ingredients like shea butter, jojoba, and antioxidants, Eraclea’s Ever-moist Lip Balm heals, hydrates, and revitalizes your lips.

Eraclea’s Ever-moist Lip Balm is the best lip product I’ve ever used. Within seconds of applying this lip balm for the first time, my cracked lips were replaced with a silky smooth texture. I love that this lip balm doesn’t leave my lips feeling sticky or weighed down with lip balm. Applying Eraclea’s Ever-moist Lip Balm almost feels like I’m conditioning my lips. Unlike other lip products that you have to constantly apply in order to keep your lips feeling hydrated, I can apply Eraclea’s lip balm 1-2 times a day and have moist lips all day long. This lip balm’s light tropical scent is truly the icing on the cake; it smells so yummy. I’m so glad that I finally found a lip balm that hydrates, repairs, and moisturizes my lips.


Another one of Eraclea’s skincare products that I absolutely love is the Firming-lifting Mask. By weekly applying this facial gel for ten minutes, your skin automatically becomes more firm, toned, and smooth. This unique facial mask helps restore elasticity and structure to your skin. Want younger looking skin? Then Eraclea’s Firming-lifting Mask is for you!


I have been very impressed with Eraclea’s Firming-lifting Mask. I like that the gel doesn’t feel sticky when applied to my face; it’s almost like applying a silky serum. I can’t believe that I only have to apply this mask for 10 minutes 1-2 times a week to achieve the results I want. After washing the product off, I like that my skin instantly feels hydrated and smooth. I can’t get enough of Eraclea’s skincare products!

To experience amazing skin repair and hydration, be sure to check out Eraclea’s Ever-moist Lip Balm ($16) and Firming-lifting Mask ($50) by visiting