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Easy Organization: How to Organize with Chalkboard Labels

The arrival of spring can inspire you to get more organized around your home. Chalkboard labels are an easy and inexpensive way to get your things organized with very little expense. Chalkboard labels are so easy to use, as all you have to do is peel and stick. Plus, the easy to wipe chalk allows you to change your labels up as much as needed. You can purchase a whole sheet of labels at your local craft store or on Amazon. Take a peek below at how to organize with chalkboard labels and get your home ready for spring!

Organize with Chalkboard Labels

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How to Organize with Chalkboard Labels:


In the bathroom:
Find assorted jars at thrift stores and dollar stores. Place a chalkboard label on each and use the jars to keep q-tips, tissue, cotton balls, and make up applicators organized. You can also place hair accessories and jewelry pieces in labeled jars to make getting dressed in the morning a breeze.

How to Organize with Chalkboard Labels

Easy Organization: How to Organize with Chalkboard Labels pinit fg en rect red 28

In the kitchen:
Place chalkboard labels on jars or canisters that hold your spices, sugar, tea, coffee, etc. You can also place labels on your bulk cereal containers to keep them organized. You can even add the date the item was opened on the label to make sure you are eating food while it is fresh. If you make your own canned goods or salad dressings, you can also use the labels to keep contents identified.

In the bedroom:
Place labels on children’s dresser drawers so that they can help keep their own clothing organized. Place one on the sock drawer, underwear drawer, pants, and other items. This way, they can look at the label and match it to the item they are putting away. The clothing item will make it to the correct drawer each time.

In the closet:
Label boxes and totes that you keep stashed in the closet so that with a quick glance you can grab what you need. Toiletries, linens, medicines, and other items that are typically stored in the closet will be less cluttered! As the items in the closet change, simply wipe the label clean and write the new contents on it.

When you utilize chalkboard labels, you organize your life easily and inexpensively. They are so easy to use and very easy to get use to. So grab a pack for yourself and give them a try! They are a great way to bring order to your home.

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