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Travel this Summer with a Doll Shona from HABA

I received a Doll Shona in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

The other night my daughter Harley (4) decided she was going on a trip.  She grabbed some essentials like her bathing suit, some mismatched clothing and some books.  She found a plastic shopping bag and stuffed it full of her things and stood there, ready for an adventure, but with no where to go.  I thought about all the fun she was going to have this summer, with some possible little getaways.   Later when she fell asleep, I went through her essentials bag and found a doll.  When I asked her about it the next day, she said “you have to bring a doll on a trip Mom.”

Doll Shona

HABA USA has the perfect travel companion for your child this summer. Bon Voyage with Doll Shona! Take her wherever you may go. To Paris and beyond! This set includes an 8″ plush doll that is washable at 30 degrees Celsius/ 86 degrees Fahrenheit as well as a suitcase made of sturdy cardboard. Inside the suitcase contains a place where Shona can get ready for her adventures, including a dresser and a real cupboard for storing her extra shirt. The case closes and includes a metal handle for easy storing and transporting.

Doll Shona

All of my girls love Doll Shona.  Her suitcase is a great size for little ones. The suitcase was my girl’s favorite part.  I love that Doll Shona is machine washable!  Since my 17 month old wants to play with whatever her sisters are playing with, Doll Shona will need a bath soon.

Doll Shona is available from HABA USA and would make an amazing gift for that special little girl. Is your little girl feeling a bit nervous about a big trip coming up?  Doll Shona would be a wonderful and comforting friend for her to take along on the trip.