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Shaker Bench Review

I received a Shaker Bench in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 

Do you have a problem you need solved? My problem is ALWAYS organization! We bought our home 8 years ago before we had a single kid, and now our home is bustling with four growing boys. Since our family grew, but our home didn’t, I always feel like we’re busting at the seems to find creative storage and functional furniture that helps us keep organized.

Shaker Bench

We had the opportunity to review this beautiful Shaker Bench from Problem Solvers. I have been wanting a bench for my entry way or outside our laundry room, either of our entry points, to help corral the things that come in and out of the house. I also wanted a place where my boys could easy take a seat and put on their shoes. Even if their shoes don’t always end up in matches or on the right feet…

Shaker Bench

The Shaker bench is absolutely beautiful with the combination of black and a rich wood color that gives it interest and style. While I was putting the bench together, I was really impressed with how thick and sturdy all the pieces were, they are great materials! The directions are hard to follow, though, and I ended putting the center wood beams in backwards.

Shaker Bench

The bench adds just the functionality and use I was hoping for. Surprisingly, my oldest three all fit across the bench. They love climbing on to put on their shoes instead of struggling to velcro or tie standing up. They store their shoes right below when they aren’t wearing them, and I’ve been keeping it to just a single pair of shoes to avoid clutter or confusion when it comes time to head out the door and grab their shoes.

If you are looking for a beautiful and functional bench, look no further than the Shaker bench! It is currently sold out at Problem Solvers, but can be purchased at their sister site, Plow & Hearth.

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