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InGenuity Coco Cafe Cozy Coo Sway Seat Review

InGenuity brings innovative baby gear products to life! One of their great new designs is changing the world of swings! Their Cozy Coo Sway Seats bring you the benefits of a sway seat that rocks baby from side-to-side and packages it into a simple and compact design for smaller living spaces.

InGenuity Sway Seat

Features of the InGenuity Cozy Coo Sway Seat:

  • Side-to-side gentle swaying motion mimics mom’s movement
  • Plug-in or battery operated: money and energy savings powered by Hybridrive™ technology
  • 3 adjustable recline positions
  • TrueSpeed™ technology maintains 2 speeds as baby grows
  • Cradling seat with deluxe fabrics features removable bolster and integrated head support
  • 11 calming melodies, white noise and nature sounds with volume control
  • Mobile with 3 plush toys to entertain baby
  • Swing timer with settings for 30, 45 and 60 minutes
  • WhisperQuiet™ operation

Ingenuity Sway Seat Review

I love the new direction swings are headed like the InGenuity Cozy Coo Sway Seat. My three older children all used a traditional forward swinging swing. The side-to-side motion has been available for a while now but always in really large swings that take up a lot of space both in storage and in your room while in use.

This new sway seat style is compact giving me more floor space in our small home and still give me the benefits of a side-to-side gentle motion. I really appreciate that the swing can use batteries or be plugged in as I rarely have 4 “D” size batteries on hand.

The Cozy Coo Sway Seat can be used up to 25 pounds and has adjustable height positions to accommodate even a newborn. It is completely silent while swinging unless you choose to activate the vibration mode or one of the melodies or nature sounds that can be turned on. I love how truly silent this seat is and also really appreciate the built-in timer settings!

Check out my video overview of the Cozy Coo Sway Seat!

You can find InGenuity’s Cozy Coo Sway Seat at Target and It retails for $119.

Disclosure: I received  in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

Debbie Hogue

Friday 17th of August 2012

I like that is has 11 calming melodies

Becky Grayson

Friday 17th of August 2012

My favorite feature is that the cradling seat is adjustable to three positions.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Heather Loftus

Friday 17th of August 2012

11 calming melodies and nature sounds.  


Friday 17th of August 2012

the whisperquiet feature is awesome


Friday 17th of August 2012

I like that it doesn't make noise.

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