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Hair Accessories – DIY Patriotic Headband

Hair Accessories are such a fun project to make and we love to make them for special occasions and holidays.  This DIY Patriotic Headband is the perfect hair accessory for adults or young girls for the upcoming Independence Day!  Create one of these for yourself or with your daughter using scraps of fabric and old plastic headbands that need new life.  They are easy and so inexpensive!

DIY Patriotic Headband tutorial

Hair Accessories – DIY Patriotic Headband


  • 1 strip of white t-shirt 3/4″ wide x 20″ long
  • 1 strip of red t-shirt 3/4″ wide x 20″ long
  • 1 plastic headband
  • 3 strips of blue and white fabric 3/4″ -1 1/2″ wide x 10″-20″ long (mine has white flowers and dots and is a polished cotton)
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • hot glue and glue gun

Hair Accessories - DIY Patriotic HeadbandInstructions:

Begin by attaching the end of the red t-shirt strip to one end of your headband using just a dab of hot glue.  Wrap the red t-shirt strip around the headband until you’ve reached the other end.  Secure at opposite end with hot glue as well.

Hair Accessories - DIY Patriotic Headband

Repeat this process with the white t-shirt strip but space the wrapping out just enough to let the red t-shirt show through.  This will create your red and white stripes.

Hair Accessories - DIY Patriotic Headband

Wrap the white t-shirt around until you’ve reached the opposite end and secure again with hot glue.  You should have a perfect (and comfortable) red and white striped headband.

Hair Accessories - DIY Patriotic Headband

Next, you’ll begin making your flowers.  These flowers are very simple to make and you can add them to so many projects!

First, instead of cutting the fabric into strips, I snipped a small cut in the end of the fabric and tore the fabric into strips.  This gave the fabric fun frayed edges.

Begin feeding the fabric strip onto your needle and thread all the way to one edge.

Hair Accessories - DIY Patriotic Headband

Gather the entire strip of fabric onto your thread and begin pulling the fabric tight to gather it.

Hair Accessories - DIY Patriotic Headband

Start coiling and tacking the gathered fabric together, creating a simple flower.  Knot off the thread in the back.  Repeat with the remaining two pieces of fabric.

Hair Accessories - DIY Patriotic Headband

Carefully attach the 3 fabric flowers to the red and white striped headband with small amounts of hot glue.  Allow glue to dry completely and it’s ready to wear!

DIY Patriotic Headband

These patriotic headbands are the perfect hair accessories to wear with your DIY 4th of July Patriotic T-Shirts we showed you earlier this month!

DIY Patriotic T-shirtDo you have any great ideas for homemade hair accessories for holidays?


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