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Weekly Calendar Planner Printable

Taking a minute to look ahead at your week and make a plan can help you get all your to-do list accomplished. I created this free weekly calendar planner to make planning your week fun and help you focus on your most important tasks to accomplish each day.

Weekly Calendar Planner

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How to use the Weekly Calendar Planner

Start at the beginning of the week by planning out your schedule, appointments, meals, and to-do tasks. Then, slide the weekly calendar planner into a sheet protector. That will keep it clean and easy to view all week and you can still add to your sheet as needed. Taking a few minutes at the beginning of the week will help you feel more organized all week long.

Exercise – The top box makes it easy to mark of times exercised in the week. If you store your chart in a sheet protector, you can easily mark off the chart with an expo pen.

Water – Mark off your glasses of water throughout the day as you check-in on your planner. Most tall glasses hold much more than 8 oz, and 6 checkboxes looks much easier to complete. Check off each as you drink a tall cup of water – or 10 oz.

Schedule – Jot down appointments and schedule reminders here.

Must Do – Use these two circles to pencil in your most important “must do” tasks for the day. Writing in just two items will keep it from being overwhelming and make it easier to complete.

Ideas – Use this space to journal, dream, plan, jot down ideas, recap the week, etc.

Meal Planning – Each circle can be used for a meal – such as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Groceries – Jot down groceries you need to pick up for your next shopping trip. You can fill it this area while you plan your meals or use it through the week as you run out of items.

Weekly Calendar Planner

Get the Weekly Calendar Printable

Weekly Calendar Planner – Letter Size

Weekly Calendar Planner – Mini Size

Just click either of the links above and a new tab will open where you can view the PDF file. You can then save or print the file. I recommend saving the file so you can print it again as needed. Fill in the weekly sheet then slip it into a sheet protector. Put it at the front of your home management binder to reference all week!

Look into these helpful tools to get your home management binder started and organized.


Also head back to the last worksheet we published – an investment planner! Gives you a great way to chart, plan for, and prepare for your investments. The next printable in our home management series will be a printable daily planner!

Jaimi@The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide

Tuesday 28th of April 2015

Janel, this is a great printable! So bright and cute. Thank you for sharing this at Wonderful Wednesday. You are my feature this week. I have pinned this as well...and printed one for myself! :)

Mary Ellen

Friday 24th of April 2015

Great idea and fun to look at. Pinned.

Just Plain Marie

Thursday 23rd of April 2015

It's a very pretty planner - I think the circles might work better for me than rigid squares. I like!

Jerusha (@TheDisneyChef)

Thursday 23rd of April 2015

This looks awesome! Thank you for sharing... I can't wait to use this!


Thursday 23rd of April 2015

Cute planner! I love the idea of adding exercise and water drinking. Thanks for sharing :)

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