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15 Things I do Everyday

Are there silly things you find yourself doing everyday? Of course, there is the normal run around and errands we always have to do to follow a schedule, but I mean things outside of your schedule that you’ve caught yourself doing. I stopped to think about that this week, and came up with a list of 15 things I catch myself doing every day! Keep in mind, these are in no particular order. Here they are:

I received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. 

15 Things I do Everyday

Things I Do Everyday

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  1. Visit Hulu to check for any new show episodes We don’t have cable, so I never can remember which days my favorite shows air. Among my favorites are Blacklist, The Bachelor, and Shark Tank.
  2. Check my bank account – I don’t really need to check my account everyday since my bills are scheduled for two draft dates a month, but it’s still a habit.
  3. Gulp down a tall glass of water every morning – Mornings are always hectic running around getting the kids up and ready for school and out the door. I don’t have time to eat breakfast during the charade, so I down a cup of water and eat breakfast after school drop-offs.
  4. Check social media – I’ll admit, I’m addicted to Facebook. I’m in a lot of different Facebook groups, which means lots of conversations to read and family updates to check all day long. I check a bunch of the other social channels, too.
  5. Pick up the kids toys This chore never ends. I swear, I just picked up all the hot wheels cars, and 5 minutes later they are spread to every edge of the family room.
  6. Call my mom – Even if I have nothing much to say, a call to say a quick hello!
  7. Hit snooze on my alarm – Another 5 minutes of sleep… please!!
  8. Clear off the kitchen counter – This one feels like a constant, too. As soon as I get everything put all away, someone is hungry or comes in with a pile of papers and the clutter amounts all over again.
  9. Kiss my husband – It may be a rushed, quick kiss on our busy days, but at least we sneak at least one kiss in a day.
  10. Hug my children – My 4 year old assures this happens daily. He bombards us all with hugs!
  11. Look in the fridge for a snack and come out empty handed – I still have this horrible habit from being a teen. Not sure why I seem to turn blind every time the fridge door opens.
  12. Play a level or two of Plants vs. Zombies – Admittedly, this is my favorite game app.
  13. Log my son’s blood sugar levels and carbs – This is an important, and frequent, part of my day to keep my son’s Type 1 diabetes numbers in check.
  14. Visit Google Analytics to check blog stats – I’m always really intrigued to see where people are finding my blog and what posts interest my readers.
  15. Say a prayer – This is the best way to pour out my thoughts, frustrations, and fears.. or just bless the meal!


With all the things I do everyday, there are somethings I absolutely avoid doing at all costs. While I probably should clean our bathroom toilets each day, I avoid bathroom cleaning duty like the plague! Thankfully, there are tools that can help keep the toilet bowl clean in-between cleanings!

Lysol 02488

We’ve just started using Lysol’s new Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. It applies right to the inside of the toilet bowl with a really unique applicator. Just push the handle in until all the gel is removed from the applicator, pressing against the inside of the toilet bowl. Toss away the applicator and your the gel will dispense with each flush, giving you a cleaner and fresher bowl between those deep cleanings. Each box comes with a full 1-month supply including (4) 1 week application gels. Just once a week, and your done!

What are some things you do everyday?


Tuesday 21st of April 2015

It's so very true! The last thing this busy mom wants to do is clean the toilet. This is great!


Friday 17th of April 2015

I have a daily routine. It involves a few of the things from your list. But I have to keep to my routine or things don't get done!

Jennifer Sikora

Friday 17th of April 2015

I think as a mom we are always doing these things. Those Lysol cleaners are a life saver for me because I hate cleaning those toilets!

Mistee Dawn

Thursday 16th of April 2015

My lists would be somewhat similar but a few are different. And I use Lysol daily! Love that stuff!


Thursday 16th of April 2015

I love Lysol! We are constantly using their products.

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