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2 Easy Ways to Manage Summer Tech Time

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OurPact.

These two simple tricks make it easier to manage your kids and their use of technology! Great ideas for summer break when all kids want to do is play on their tablets, video game consoles, or your smartphone. Includes free printables!

More and more, our children’s time is slammed with technology. With smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, tv’s – our kids are being literally bombarded with a virtual reality. While the use of technology can absolutely be a positive thing in our lives, it can also very easily diminish cherished relationships. Elder David A. Bednar posed this very same question during a conference address in speaking about the stifling use of technology. He asked us to reflect and ask ourselves, “Does the time you spend using various technologies and media enlarge or restrict your capacity to live, to love, and to serve in meaningful ways?” (Bednar – Things as They Really Are).

OurPact is asking the same question. Are we sacrificing our most important moments getting lost in technology? They’ve created this beautiful video that says it all.

Allowing your children and family to use technology, without it becoming stifling can create those moments with our families we all crave. It’s our job as parents to protect our families from dwindling real life relationships and not connecting with each other because of an overuse of technology. It can be a challenge, but OurPact is making it easier with tools to help.


With OurPact, you can setup automatic schedules or manually block the use of iPhones, iPads, and iPods at a moment’s notice. You’ll also be able to set time limits or reward your children with the allowance feature that lets them work for and earn time on technology. You can block just the internet, or just certain apps – it’s really flexible to meet your needs. The schedules feature is wonderful for setting clear expectations of when your children can and can’t use technology – they’ll quickly learn the routine and it can help eliminate those fights when you try to say it’s time to get off – the OurPact app will do all that moderating for you.

OurPact_Web_App_Parental Control_Scene_2

Especially with summer here, the ability to let your children work for and earn their tech time is huge for keeping the kids productive through the summer. Just setup a list of tasks to complete before tech time, and then mom or dad can check it off the list within the app when your children have completed it. Use our free printable bingo game below to keep your kids even more distanced from technology as they aren’t checking their list through the app all morning long.


I love that you can turn off everyone’s technology access during dinner time and cherish that all too important dinner time to just connect – distraction free! I’ll admit, sometimes even I need an internet block at dinnertime! Sit down together as a family and work out a schedule and time limits that will keep the whole family on board with the changes.  You can even start with OurPact’s free Family Contract to help everyone in the family get onboard with the changes.


Head over and download the OurPact app free on iOS devices or use the web based service and the OurPact Jr app for blocking access for your younger children on Android devices.

Free Time Bingo Printable

To help nurture that non-tech time, we created a fun Free Time Bingo chart that can be printed and used with your children to keep them on task – and still have time for fun and tech time!

Loving this creative bingo chart to help manage summer routines and tech time for your kids! Grab the already filled-in version or the blank copy with this FREE printable for a fun summer chores / free time planner! No more.. "I'm bored!" with this creative approach to summer boredom busters!

The idea behind our free time bingo chart is that the children will work to complete and mark off each of the outer squares. Once they’ve finished all 8 – the rest of the day is free time (with your OurPact schedule for dinner time or other activities) for them to do whatever they would like.

I filled out a chores bingo chart with the tasks I have my kids complete before they have earned free time including:

  • Cleaning their room
  • Doing school work. This can be worksheets or a summer learning book – or homework during the school year.
  • Get dressed – having a home full of boys, this is essential for my chart! Otherwise, they think underwear is a totally acceptable outfit for the day.
  • Be kind – this is a reminder throughout the day to be kind to each other.
  • Do your regular chore – such as unload the dishwasher or sweep the floor.
  • Read a book – You can set a minimum time frame, for us it’s 1 hour during the summer months and 30 minutes on school nights.
  • Play outside – great for getting exercise and burning off some energy.
  • Tidy home means if the house is a wreck, they’ll have to help clean up the messes they’ve made.


You can use my already filled in suggestions and chart, or start with our blank chart and let it fit your families unique needs! Some other ideas of things you could add include practice an instrument, be creative, scripture study, or whatever else you can think of!

Loving this creative bingo chart to help manage summer routines and tech time for your kids! Grab the already filled-in version or the blank copy with this FREE printable for a fun summer chores / free time planner! No more.. "I'm bored!" with this creative approach to summer boredom busters!

To grab your free copy of this printable, you can right click on the image you prefer above and click “save as” or “print” directly without saving the file first. Or, you can download our PDF Free Time Bingo Printable by clicking on the link below:

*** Click Here to Download ***
Free Time Bingo PDF Printable

Using OurPact’s free app and this fun free time printable are two great, easy ways to manage your children’s summer break.

How will you help your family manage their tech time this summer?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OurPact.

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Monday 20th of June 2016

I really like how you made playing outside one of the "required tasks" for your bingo game. I think too many moms think of outside play as just free time. It certainly involves free time outside but it's so important that our kids get outside every day, regardless of the weather.


Tuesday 21st of June 2016

Oh my, yes. I wish my kids would put playing outside on the top of their list. But usually, it takes a lot of prompting. Once they get outdoors they always LOVE it, it's just the getting out there that can be tricky!

Mistee Dawn

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

I love this Free Time Bingo and I will definitely be printing it out. And thanks for the opportunity to win!


Wednesday 15th of June 2016

What a great way to keep your kids on track and off their screen. The bingo boards are a really neat idea.

Claudia Krusch

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

I love the bingo idea. I’m definitely going to try it on my son. I limit his electronic time but he's older, it's so hard!

Winona Rogers

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

The bingo printable is a great idea. I will have to print some and give it a try. Sounds like a great app to help limit screen time for the kids.

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