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Road Trip Games & Scavenger Hunt Printable Game!

While we embarked on our month long road trip this summer with four little boys in the car with us it easy to see we would need some road trip games to play to pass the time. This post is here to give you fund road trip games that you can enjoy with your family on your next trip.

Road Trip Car Games

Road Trip Games

  • I Spy – One person uses a clue to indicate what they are looking out outside the windows while the rest of the participants try to guess what they spy
  • I Spy Remixed – Use a variety of unique clues to build math skills while you play
  • Alphabet Game – Search for letters in order from A-Z
  • Numbers Game – Search for numbers in order from 1-10+
  • License Plate Game – Try to find all 50 US states license plates
  • Scavenger Hunt – Cross of items on your list of things to find as you find them
  • Create-A-Story – Let one person start a story by adding a few words to a few sentence. When they pause, the next person picks up the story where it was left off


On the Road Scavenger Hunt

One of our favorite games we played while we were on the road was our On the Road Scavenger Hunt! We had started with a very basic scavenger hunt that had only about 20 items to find. We quickly blew threw the list and started writing down our own interesting things we found along our route that would be easy enough that anyone could find but still fun things to look for while you travel. It was also really hard for my little ones to remember what they were looking for and had to keep asking for reminders of what was on our list. To make it simpler, we thought it would be easier to have fun hunting for items if they were broken into simple groups. Then, I just told my kids to look for animals or signs and tell me what they saw and I would mark off the right one from the list.

This On the Road Scavenger Hunt includes over 80 things to look for broken down into five simple categories including: General, Signs, Scenery, Vehicles and Animals. Click on the image or the link below and it will open up the PDF version of the scavenger hunt and you can save or print it!

On the Road Scavenger Hunt - Free Printable Game

Click Here to Print – On the Road Scavenger Hunt Game

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