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Roll a Snowman Printable Dice Game

Raleigh received their first big snowfall of the year this past weekend. We ended up with enough to Make an Igloo, see our steps!

Roll a Snowman Printable Dice Game Igloo 2

Moving from Phoenix where my boys have never experienced a snow day at home, we’re all gearing up and getting excited for all the possibilities — snow angels, snowman, sledding, snow ball fights, you name it!

But I grew up with a few snow days a year. I remember how short our time outside really was. It was so much fun while it lasted, but within an hour or less we would all pile back into the house and be left with not much to do but play games or read books.

Roll a Snowman
Printable Dice Game

That’s where this darling printable comes in! Just in time for your indoor snow days and the school days that are cancelled is a fun game perfect for winter time. Roll a Snowman is a spin-off of Cootie that is so much fun for everyone to play!

Roll a Snowman Printable Dice Game

You’ll Need:

  • Printer (color works best – but black and white will work)
  • 6-sided dice (standard dice)
  • Scissors OR Crayons

How to Play Roll A
Snowman Dice Game

  • Print one copy of Roll a Snowman per player.
  • Take turns in a clockwise order rolling a single dice. Whatever number you roll is the snowman part you can add to your snowman game card.
  • Players can either cut and glue on each body part or color in their own creations with crayons.
  • If a number is rolled that you have previously rolled, you will not get to add anything new to your snowman this turn, and play continues to the next player.
  • The winner is the first person to complete their snowman by rolling one of each of the 6 numbers.
Roll a Snowman Printable Dice Game - A super fun winter activity for kids and families! You always need clean and cheap kids activities when you're stuck indoor!

This game is so much fun for teaching counting, number recognition, hand-eye coordination, coloring in the lines, cutting practice, body parts recognition and other preschool/kindergarten skills. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun!

We know this will be such a fun part of your winter traditions! You can use it to mark off one of our Winter Break Bingo boxes (Build a Snowman) even if you don’t have snow or simply don’t want the mess and time of building a real snowman!

Winter Activities Bingo

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Printable Roll a Snowman Dice Game

To get a free copy of this darling printable, just click on the image or link below. The PDF will open up in a new window where you can save and/or print the printable dice game.

Roll a Snowman Printable Dice Game

*Click Here* To Download a copy of 
Roll a Snowman Printable Dice Game

Terms of Use: You are free to use this printable game for your own personal in-home use. You may not distribute or copy this printable in any format. If you’d like to share the printable dice game with anyone, just direct them to this link to grab their own free copy. By downloading your own personal copy you agree to these terms.

Let me know what your crew thought of this cute game in the comments! 


Sunday 15th of January 2017

That is so stinin adorable!!! Thanks for linking to the #homematters linky party


Wednesday 11th of January 2017

This is a cute game! I think my niece and nephews will have a blast playing it!

Sapana V

Wednesday 11th of January 2017

I like this Snowman Printable game. It is really nice.

Marcie W.

Tuesday 10th of January 2017

What a cute game idea! I can see it being especially helpful for newer readers as they sound out the body parts they roll.


Tuesday 10th of January 2017

Very cute game! Reminds me a lot of Cootie from when I was a kid!

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