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Hacks to Save for College!

You’d like to help your children pay for college, but tucking away a bit here and there for a college savings can feel like you’re not even scratching the surface of that tuition fees your child will face. These hacks are ways you can greatly reduce or supplement the costs of going to college.

This post is sponsored by Upromise. All opinions are my own. 

Hacks to Save for College

Apply for Scholarship! This is an obvious answer. But the reality is, there are tons of scholarships that do not get awarded each year because no one applied. It’s one of the answers that is always on the list of things to-do, but rarely done. Make applying for scholarships a priority and schedule to apply for one a week! You can even enroll younger children in certain scholarship opportunities that arrive to start early. My 7 year old son won a scholarship last month for being a community hero!

Let Family Chip-in – When the grandparents and great-grandparents and other extended family members are thinking of gifting, ask them to contribute to a college fund. It’s a gift that will last much longer than that toy that will break in a week that you didn’t want cluttering up your home anyways.

Look for Employer Programs – Some companies offer tuition reimbursement if you work and are enrolled in college. The specific terms and requirements to qualify for the reimbursement programs vary, but if you’re looking to work your way through college, ask that question wherever you seek employment to see what options are available.

Save with a 529 College Savings Account – You can stock away any little bit you can each year and stash it in a 529 account to give your funds protection and growth until college arrives. Your funds grow without accruing additional taxation on the growth, that means less taxes paid and more money in your pocket!

Shop Through Upromise – Savings can add up quickly with Upromise who gives you a cash back percentage off your everyday purchases. This means, you can be saving without actually setting aside into savings! Simply visit Upromise first and then click through one of participating partners and you’ll be saving for college without adding an extra dime to your online purchases. You can score up to 5% back with participating partners! You can easily rack up the savings by doing your Black Friday and holiday shopping online through Upromise.


You can save even more with Upromise with the Upromise MasterCard that doubles your cashback for purchases scoring you an impressive 10% cashback every time you shop online! Want a reminder? You can download the RewardU toolbar that will remind you whenever you visit a partner’s website to shop to track your purchases through Upromise.

Your savings will rack up inside your account until you are ready to transfer them over to an eligible 529 plan, repay an eligible student loan payment, transfer to a Upromise Goal Savers account, or request a check.

Janis @MommyblogExpert

Tuesday 1st of December 2015

These are all great tips, thanks for sharing. With my four kids born in 1 year now (including triplets) all going to out of state and private colleges now, I can't stress enough that college is expensive and you need to start saving when your kids are little.


Tuesday 1st of December 2015

These are great tips. It's important to start saving for college while the kids are still young.

Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas

Tuesday 1st of December 2015

We have a 529 college savings account for both children. I ended up with a lot of student loans, and I'm hoping my children can avoid that.


Tuesday 1st of December 2015

My daughter's grandfather contributes at Christmas time to her college fund. It is a big help. The 529 is a great way to save tax free.

Ann Bacciaglia

Monday 30th of November 2015

I have one child in his second year of College and one in her first year of University. It is so expensive it is important to start saving as soon as you can. These are great saving tips.

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