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Cleaning Your Home for the Holidays in 30 Minutes or Less

I absolutely love the Holiday season. However, with gifts to buy, parties to throw, goodies to bake, and festivities to attend, very little time is devoted to cleaning my home. You want to know my secret for keeping a clean home during Christmas time? I call it my 30 minute cleaning method. Set your timer for 30 minutes, start at the top of this cleaning list, and your home will be company ready in a half hour.

I received samples and compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 

Cleaning Your Home for the Holidays in 30 Minutes or Less

holiday cleaning

1. Open the blinds. Let as much light as possible into your home.

2. Quickly de-clutter. Do a quick pick-up of noticeable clutter; put toys in the toy box, hang coats in the closet, throw trash away, etc.

cleaning for holidays

home for holidays

3. Load the dishwasher. Empty your sink of all dirty dishes. This helps your kitchen look a lot tidier.

4. Clean all counter surfaces. Take a rag and a bottle of all surface cleaner and quickly spray down all counter surfaces in your home – kitchen, bathroom, etc. I love using Seventh Generation’s non-toxic Surface Cleaners. I seriously use my Seventh Generation All-Purpose Natural Cleaner on everything in my home – appliances, counter tops, windows, bathrooms, etc. I love the fact that there are no harsh chemicals or fumes and leaves a streak-free shine every time. Because it cuts through grease so well, I get to spend less time scrubbing.

seventh gen

5. Wipe down mirrors. Windex all glass and mirrors to make sure there are no visible finger prints or smudges.

6. Dust. Use a feather duster and quickly dust baseboards, pictures, piano keys, etc.

7. Sweep any noticeable crumbs. Check your entry way and kitchen for crumbs. Quickly sweep up any noticeable crumbs, dirt, etc. If a little ninja helper offers to help you seep, take him up on it 🙂

holiday cleaning

8. Vacuum. Vacuum your main living areas.

9. Fluff Pillows/Straighten throws. Fluff your pillows, fold your throws, and create a warm and inviting ambiance.

home cleaning

Cleaning your home for the Holidays in 30 minutes or less has never been easier thanks to Seventh Generation. Be sure to visit Seventh Generation and browse their variety of safe, effective, and all-natural household products. A few of my favorite products that will be helping my home become company ready this Holiday season include Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear Laundry Detergent, Natural Dish Liquid, and Natural Hand Wash.

What are your favorite Holiday cleaning tips?

Francis Freeman

Tuesday 8th of December 2015

The Christmas holidays are near and my house is a mess! I need to start cleaning and organizing the house and pay a special attention to the guest room and the bathrooms! I am very excited and stressed out at the same time! Thanks for the cleaning tips! They are really helpful! Thanks! Happy holidays!

Kristin Wheeler

Tuesday 1st of December 2015

The way my house looks now it will take 30 minutes times MANY days! LOL! Great tips though.

Janis @MommyblogExpert

Tuesday 1st of December 2015

What a great post this is. Holidays always bring guests to our house so I love your tips about how to clean up FAST. Your idea about clearing off counters is great. In fact that's why it's always nice to stay in a hotel where there is no clutter anywhere.

Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

Tuesday 1st of December 2015

A quick clean up can make a huge difference! Sometimes with all the cooking you don't have a lot of time for a thorough clean!

Clo Nevaeh

Monday 30th of November 2015

These are great tips! It's super hard to keep everything clean when everyone is coming over all the time!

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