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5 Easy Olympic Games to Play at Home

The Winter Olympics are finally here! The time we all look forward to that only comes every four years. The time when our families gather around the T.V. watching international teams battle for first place in a myriad of fun-filled sporting events.  Whats even better than gathering around to watch the Olympics is helping your kids recreate them and be their own favorite Olympian.

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5 Easy Olympic Games to Play at Home 5 Easy Olympic Games to Play at Home

5 Easy Olympic Games to Play at Home

Skateboard Luge– Get out a stopwatch and a skateboard for this fun Olympic sport. To recreate, you’ll need to find a nice hill. The steeper the hill, the faster the luge will go. Have your kid lay down on the skateboard feet first at the top of the hill and let gravity do the rest. Stand at the bottom with your stopwatch and time them to see how fast they can get down the hill. See if they can beat the record.

5 Easy Olympic Games to Play at Home Luge

Speed Skating– It’s so fun to watch how fast and synchronized the speed skaters can get. See if you can get the kids to do some speed skating. Set up a course or just have them race down the street. Have them strap on a pair of roller blades or skates. Make a finish line and see who can cross it first. Of course, the fastest skater wins!

Milk Jug Curling– The point of this game is to slide your milk jug and get it into the circle target. Find some sidewalk chalk and draw large circle targets on the ground. Have the kids stand back and give their milk jugs a slide like they are bowling. Whoever makes it into the center of the circles gets the points and wins. You can keep some liquid in the bottom of the milk jug or fill the bottom with rocks to help it stay upright. This will work best with a gallon sized milk jug.

Milk Jug Hockey-This Olympic game is super simple to recreate and get the kids having some fun. All you need is some household items and a little imagination. Gather something to use as hockey sticks. This can be brooms or even actual hockey sticks. Then you need a goal. Set up something like 5-gallon buckets or even 2 chairs as goal posts. For added fun, the kids can even put on some skates to make the game more fast-paced. This will work best with single serve milk bottles.

5 Easy Olympic Games to Play at Home Hockey

Rollerblade Figure Skating– This is my favorite Olympic sport. I love figure skating and ice dancing. Let your kid’s imagination take over. Get them to put on a pair of skates and turn on some music. Let your kids skate around to the music and have a good time. See if they can even choreograph a cool dance.

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5 Easy Olympic Games to Play at Home DSC 0371

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5 Easy Olympic Games to Play at Home DairyPure

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What’s your favorite Olympic sport?

Sapana V

Tuesday 27th of February 2018

Great suggestion. Finally my kids have some new ideas to play at home.

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