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Prepare Your Closets for Winter

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When the weather turned from cool to downright cold, you know it’s time to prepare your closets and get ready for the winter months ahead. By pulling out what you won’t use until spring, you will be able to save time and energy while easily sorting through your clothes that fit the season. Here’s how to prepare your closets for winter!

Tips to prepare your closets for winter - with a change of fashion and wardrobes, swapping out your footwear, and prepping your drawers to fit your accessories!

Tips to Prepare Your Closets for Winter

Pack up Summer Styles – If you still have shorts, capris, t-shirts, and tank tops lingering on your shelves, it’s officially time for them to go. Pack away the styles you know you won’t use through the cold winter months to free up space. This will allow you to more easily pick out your perfect outfits that will keep you comfortable.

winter closets 5

Hang Your Jackets – Use hooks behind your bedroom or closet door to hang up your heavy jackets and sweaters. Keeping them on hooks will make them a cinch to grab-and-go and will allow them to dry out more easily if they do face rain and snow.

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Update Your Wardrobe – If you need to fill out your closet with a few new picks to replace old, worn out, holey, or otherwise outdated clothes from the previous winter, take note of what you do have and only fill in where you need to let you focus your budget on the items you need most.

  • Holiday party dress / slacks – One area I usually shop each holiday is a nice outfit for holiday parties. You don’t have to purchase a complete new outfit, you can build on what you have and add something new to mix up the look. Like a new scarf or sweater that transforms last year’s button down.
  • New Bra – A good bra is the foundation to every outfit you wear. Look for a quality bra, like the Illumination Underwire Bra, that will give you support, comfort, and will help you look great at all the upcoming festivities.
  • Warm socks – Toss old pairs that have formed holes from their overuse, socks are key for keeping you warm. Look for wool socks or boot socks if you’re in an especially cold climate.

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Reassess your Footwear – Don’t forget to re-evaluation your shoes. This is an area often overlooked. Pack up those flip-flops to store them away with your shorts for warmer days. Keep a pair of cozy slippers or moccasins around instead for wearing around the home or errands like taking the trash out.

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Make Space for Accessories – Make space for all your cold weather accessories to be out on display and easy to add to your outfits. They’ll keep you toasty and add to your outfits. You can use a tie hanger to stash scarfs and a drawer organizer to store gloves, for example.

When updating your winter wardrobe, chose a quality Vanity Fair Bra. Your bra will set the stage for your whole outfit, and the right bra makes all the difference. It can help give you a smooth silhouette and finish, accentuate your assets, and help you be comfortable and confident for whatever winter brings your way.

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The Illumination Underwire Collection by Vanity Fair is perfect for your everyday wear, but is also up for the task of your most challenging holiday outfits. The convertible straps let you have the flexibility to fit the bra to whatever your outfit calls for. The molded cups will keep you confident, even in the cold.

I love my Illumination bra! It’s super comfortable and gives me the lift and smooth finish I need to feel confident and ready to face the day, even under layers! I would whole-heartedly recommend the Illumination or one of the other Vanity Fair styles to get you ready for your winter festivities!

Caroline F

Sunday 29th of November 2015

I try my best to be organized but sometimes the stuff gets away from me. After reading your post, I am going to make an effort to organized the front closet this week.

Elizabeth L

Sunday 29th of November 2015

I really need to organize our shoes. All of our shoes are thrown in a pile and I do not know where anything is. Drives me nuts.

Ann Bacciaglia

Sunday 29th of November 2015

My closets need help. They are a mess and I do not know where anything is. I need to follow your tips. Thanks!


Saturday 28th of November 2015

These are great tips. I love the bra drawer! I really need to organize my drawers.


Saturday 28th of November 2015

Ah yes. A good's the endless pursuit. I haven't checked out Vanity Fair in a long time, I will def. have to see their latest styles based on your recommendations.

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