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Women: You are Beautiful! #CameraCourage

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I can remember as a little girl loving everything about getting my picture taken. Even all the way up through to my early teen years. I recall one day with a friend of mine we bought a disposable camera and spend an evening heading around town taking pictures of anything and everything that was of interest to us, including lots of pictures of us having fun! I still have most of those pictures and it is fun to look back on them and remember my more careless days where I didn’t stare at my reflection in the mirror and notice signs of weight gain from 5 pregnancies or the little wrinkles beginning to form as I turned 30 this past year. In my heart I know that none of that really matters, that I am still beautiful the way that I am. It can be difficult to remember and truly feel that way when we get caught up in a game of others judging others or even just looking down on themselves. It affects us all, when we do that to ourselves.

Camera Courage

Dove® has started a movement to help women all over the country feel courageous around the camera and remember to be proud of who they are. They will be holding Camera Courage events at local Walmart stores with fun photo booths Saturdays in January. Head into your local Walmart on January 18th or 25th and share your own camera courage to help build this message of empowering women across the country.

Here’s my camera courage:

There isn’t anything special or great about this picture, except that it is who I am – the real unfiltered, no makeup on, true me. I’m not afraid to share it, even though I do notice my own imperfections, because there is no reason to not be just exactly who I am.

Camera Courage

It doesn’t take a lot to share this message of loving ourselves for who we are and remembering we are beautiful even with our imperfections. Join in to share this message by snapping a picture of yourself and share it on instagram with the tag #cameracourage to join with other women across the country.

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Are you camera shy? What’s your best feature?