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Secrets For Dressing Kids on A Budget

I have said it before and I will say it agin, dressing my kiddos is one of my favorite parts of being a parent. I love building little wardrobes for them! I have three kids under the age of four and they are fun to style, but the trick is to do it without spending a ton of money. It is so easy to spend a small fortune on them, but I have found some tips and tricks along the way that help me get the look I want for less.

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Kids on a Budget

Shop around 

So, you found the perfect outfit in a magazine or on a giant display at the mall, but you lost it when you saw the total price tag? Happens to me all the time. I like to quickly snap a picture of the outfit on my phone and keep my eye out as I shop at other places. You can almost always find something similar for less. Especially on pieces like jeans or shoes. Finding most items for less lets you splurge on the one unique item you have to have.

Second Hand

I love to drop in on my local second hand store regularly. I find often that kids items at second hand stores are pretty worn out, kids are not easy on clothes. But there are a few staples I love to pick up there like dress clothes and shoes. Most kids hardly ever wear their dress clothes before growing out of them, so they are still in like new condition.


Shoes are hit and miss, but we have all bought our kids shoes that they just refuse to wear for whatever reason. These are great finds for great prices. I have found many name brand/popular shoes for my kids like Converse, Toms, and Saltwater Sandals for no more than 5 bucks, many with tags still attached. And if you can’t resist those itty bitty newborn shoes, second hand is the way to go! It’s not like they walk around in them!


Garanimals have long been a favorite of mine for great mix and match play wear. I love being able to send my toddlers in to get dressed and not worry about what they will come out in. Because Garanimals is so affordable, I have no problem replacing items when they grow out of them!



Good news! Garanimals’ 365Kids now goes up to size 8! That means now your babies, toddlers, AND bigger kids can benefit from their affordable, comfy, and stylish play wear. I always pick up extra of their staples like leggings and shorts because they are favorites at our house!



My next tip is the one I swear by. Invest in quality neutrals. They go farther and match more. My daughter’s wardrobe has a black and white trend that runs through it. Black and white items always catch my eye and she always picks the combo, they act as a neutral and match everything! I never regret buying extra neutrals but often find myself questioning that crazy shirt that can only be worn with one pair of pants.

Pick Your Battles 


This tip doesn’t have anything to do with budgeting but it’s worth is priceless. Dressing kids can become a huge fight, pick your battles. If your child’s wardrobe is full of clothes you both love, than who cares if they want to wear a crazy combination. My almost 3-Year-old loves to wear dresses with skirts, I roll with it unless I have a reason not to. For example, if we are headed to the grocery store it is cool with me if you can’t leave without your dinosaur slippers, but if we are headed to a wedding I will put my foot down. My kids are typically compliant because most of the time I give them the control to wear whatever they want.

What tips do you have for dressing Kids on a budget? 


Friday 17th of April 2015

I used to love Garanimals when my kids were little. Having 3 girls, I can just rotate who wears what clothes! It makes it so much easier.

Robin {Masshole Mommy}

Friday 17th of April 2015

It costs so much to feed a kid. You may as well save on clothes if you can. :)

Allie D.

Thursday 16th of April 2015

We usually get hand me downs from my sister's daughter. Since my daughter is the youngest, she has gotten mostly hand me downs and that has helped a lot. I also go to thrift stores for shoes and sometimes, if I am lucky, winter gear, because those are so expensive brand new and most kids grow out of their winter gear before it is ruined.


Thursday 16th of April 2015

I actually never likeddressing my kids. I always wanted easy. So that is why I loved Garanimals. It made it so easy


Thursday 16th of April 2015

I used to like dressing my kids too. That was until I got a really picky clothes wearer. Then it was no fun ever.

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