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Potty Sticker Chart

Have you been working to potty train your toddler? We are sharing two things that have really helped us including a potty sticker chart! We are right in the midst of potty training our two year old, and he loves using stickers to reward his progress along the way. It’s a great alternative to candy after every tinkle but to still celebrate their successes!

This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups® training pants. All opinions are my own.

Potty Sticker Chart

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How to use the Potty Sticker Chart

This potty sticker chart is made to be used to encourage and celebrate all the little successes through potty training. You may blow through several charts or might have to stretch just to fill one depending on what you choose to reward for and your child’s own personality. Mark off each space, starting at the top and working your way down (or mixing it up!), with a sticker each time your child completes one of the goal tasks you want to include.

You can reward their progress for things such as sitting on the potty the first few times or if they are afraid, #1 and/or #2 trips, flushing, washing their hands, wiping, or any other similar tasks that your child might need prompting and teaching towards. You can use it all the way through once for potty trips and then start it again to train a stubborn child that doesn’t want to poop in the potty. Or, start another chart to master hand washing or night training after you’ve finished day training.

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Every time you want to reward the success of your child, let them pick out a sticker and place it on one circle. After the whole chart is filled, have a small present or fun activity ready for them to celebrate. You can also celebrate finishing the rows or columns, bingo style. I found a really fun superhero themed sticker and activity book at the dollar store. It had plenty of stickers to more than fill our chart, so I thought it’d be perfect to show him that once he fills the chart, he gets to keep the book! Pick out a reward that you know your child will love!

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Potty Sticker Chart

Click on the link above to download your free potty sticker chart. It will open in a new tab where you can view, save, or print the PDF.

Our Potty Training Journey

Another thing that has helped in our potty training journey is using Pull-Ups® training pants instead of diapers. Once we start potty training, diapers have to go out the door. If they are around, we are sure to grab them and start using them again. But there is just something different about using Pull-Ups® to help transition your toddler to full time underwear. We use Pull-Ups® training pants during naps and nighttime and when we are going to be out and about to keep messes contained but still helping our toddler to feel like a big boy.

This is especially key for us as we have a 2 month old infant in the home and he helps bring us diapers for the new baby. Having something that we don’t call a diaper for him reminds him that he’s not the baby anymore but a big boy that can do this! It also gives him independence as he starts to learn how to pull on and off his Pull-Ups® training pants and underwear the same way.


When you get stuck dancing and playing around the potty to encourage your child to go, try the Time to Potty app! It has games and activities you can do with your child to keep them sitting until the time is right. Plus, it has a built-in timer to encourage frequent potty trips to help you catch the messes where they belong!

Ultimate Guide to Potty Training!!


I stumbled across this fantastic resource that I can’t wait to implement her tips with my youngest! She is sharing how to potty train in just one weekend. I LOVE that plan. Anything to simplify the potty training process is a win in my book! Head over to grab your copy of Potty Train in a Weekend eBook.

What has helped you during potty training?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pull-Ups®.

vickie couturier

Friday 6th of February 2015

what a wonderful ideal,,potty training is a job that you have to be consistant at,,ive potty trained several of my grandchildren,,we did the potty dance a lot

Richard Hicks

Sunday 1st of February 2015

Great idea for those going through potty training!

Chelley @ AisForAdelaide

Saturday 31st of January 2015

Thank you for this! We're on quite the journey now!

Mistee Dawn

Saturday 31st of January 2015

I do not miss these days! Nothing helped my daughter, lol. I just had to let it go and wait for her to be ready.

Mistee Dawn

Saturday 31st of January 2015

I do not miss these days! Nothing helped my daughter, lol. I just had to let it go and wait for her to be ready.

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