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Easy Mini Heart Cake

Do you go out for Valentine’s Day or do you stay in or do you plan a date night at home? Most years, we have stayed in because we’ll have a young infant to tote along and a few other kids at home to have to find a sitter for.

It’s got to be one of the hardest days of the year to find a babysitter! To keep the spirit of romance and the fun of the holiday alive, I like to make a fun dessert that we can share.

This mini heart cake simple recipe is a perfect treat for your and your sweetheart to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. You can make two individual cakes or share one, it’s totally up to you.

Easy Mini Heart Cake

Mini Heart Cake


  • Chocolate Cake
  • Whipped Topping
  • 1 Strawberry, sliced


Start with your chocolate cake. You can make a cake from a homemade cake recipe, use a boxed mix, or pick up a store bought cake depending on your time and budget. You want your cake to be about 1″ thick.

Cut out two pieces of cake with a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Layer the first cutout on a nice serving plate and layer with whipped topping. I’m partial to homemade whip cream, but you can use store bought in a pinch. Top with 3-5 sliced strawberries.

Mini Heart Cake

Repeat with one additional layer of cake and whip cream. Now, cut out a v-shape where the stem was on one of your strawberry slices to make it look like a heart. Add it to the top of your cake and you’ll have a cute and easy Valentine’s Day dessert!

If you go with pre-made ingredients, you should be able to make the whole treat up in just a few minutes. Even with all the elements homemade, it shouldn’t take you more than a half an hour (plus cooling time on the cake) to make this whole mini heart cake dessert!

Will you share your mini heart cake or make 2?

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