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Free Printable Behavior Charts

One of the most effective ways to correct bad behavior is by praising, encouraging, and rewarding good behavior. No one likes to be constantly corrected or told “no”.

By focusing instead on their positive behavior and your child’s effort to make a better choice, you can teach them in a positive way what behavior you want to see instead.

Behavior Charts 03669

If, for example, your child is choosing to hit, you can praise when they use kind hands instead. No matter what action you want to change. That’s where these free printable behavior charts come in handy!

Pick a behavior you’d like to work on – and stick to just one. Name the positive behavior you’d like to see and write it in at the top of the chart.

Each time you see your child following the good behavior, let them mark their chart, or initial it yourself, or let them pick a sticker to fill in the circle. Decide before you start a reward your child will earn when they complete the chart.

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Reward Ideas:

  • Stay up 15 minutes past bedtime
  • Small dollar store toy
  • Special play date with a friend
  • One-on-one time with mom or dad
  • Trip to the park
  • Small cash incentive (No more than $1-5 depending on the age of the child)

A reward doesn’t have to have money tied to it, and the reality is most children would prefer a special treat that involves time rather than money.

Free Printable Behavior Charts

Behavior Charts Printable

Click here to download the PDF Printable Behavior Charts

The link above will open up the PDF file and you can choose to save or print any of the 6 free behavior charts you would like. There are different designs to keep it exciting and interesting for your children.

printable chore chart

Also be sure to check out our printable chore chart for kids! It’s just as bright and colorful with a simple 5-chore format! It’s part of our printable series including budget sheets, household organization, and more!

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