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Tricks for Saving Time in the Mornings!

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Getting kids (and ourselves) moving in the morning can be a challenge. I always can immediately tell a difference the mornings that I have done any prep the night before as our mornings feel stressful, rushed, and crazy. We have used some simple tricks that make mornings much easier on us all. Here are my top ways for saving time in the mornings!


Tricks for Saving Time in the Mornings

Tricks for Saving Time in the Mornings

  • Check the Backpack at Night – When your kids are sorting through their backpacks and pulling everything out, make sure it all gets nicely tucked back inside their pack before the day is over. They can double check they have everything they need ready or you can do a quick check before bed.
  • Lay Out School Clothes – Have them pick out their outfit including socks and underwear the night before. Lay out their clothes in a designated spot so there is no rushing around tying to find a matching pair of socks before school.
  • Scribble Down To-Do’s – Have a small notepad ready to jot down the things that need to get done that day while you’re walking around preparing for the day. You can also do this the night before if you’re a night owl. This will let you jot it down so it’s remembered and move on to the other things that need to be taken care of first thing that morning.


Suave is sharing their favorite tricks, too. Check out these “12 Tremendous Tricks to Trim 20 Minutes off Your Mornings“!

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I love the rewards system idea! My kids would totally go for a simple competition like that and it’s perfect that the incentive doesn’t have to be anything big, just something you’re doing already! Packing lunches ahead of time is an enormous time saver and my #1 best tip as well. We also use the strict no movies/games before school rule as my kids DON’T MOVE when the TV get flipped on.

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What are your best tricks for saving time in the mornings?