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Fall Activities to do with Children

Fun Fall activities to do with children:

Go to a nut orchard and pick up nuts

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Every year, October comes around, the weather gets cold and wet, and the nuts fall from the trees. We start talking about animals that store nuts. Where they find them and how they might store them. Then we take a trip to the Hazelnut farm. You may not have Hazelnuts near you, but I bet if you look around you will find someone with nut trees that will let you come and pick some up. We filled that bucket.

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Then you have to let your nuts air dry. We really love this part. Every day they need to be stirred so the air gets to all of the parts. This is the children’s job. You can see it is stressful for them….. We fill and dump. Swim through them on our stomachs. So much fun. Even picking them up seems to be fun. Give it a try. Nothing like it.

Get lost in a corn maze

Fall Activities With Kids

I love this time of the year.

I also love to let children lead when going on hikes when it is safe to do so. They love the feeling of being in control of their own destiny. We have been known to wander for hours in circles until they find our way out. But what else do you have to do when you go into a corn maze. Plan for it and really enjoy the adventure. 🙂

Go on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch

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At the pumpkin patch we go too, they take you on a Hay ride out to the field. Then everyone can get off, go out and find any pumpkin they can carry, they can have. This is great fun. If you watch for my postings next month, I will be having several Pumpkin recipes and how to use fresh pumpkin to bake with posted. Children love seeing where their Halloween pumpkins come from. The girl at the top really wanted to find a golden pumpkin, she was so excited when she found it. That was the only one we could see in the field.

Go for a hike through the woods and see all the fallen leaves, and dry grasses. You can smell the autumn in the air when you get outside.

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This is such an awesome time to get out into the woods. The nice part about it for me, is because the trees have no leaves, I can let the children wander more, and still see them. Foraging through a trail is a full sensory experience and highly recommend it to all of us. Get out there and get into it.

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Life can be breath taking…If you take the time to live it…. I hope you and your children will try some of these ideas this fall. Granny

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