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Unique Party Games

I LOVE family get togethers. Between the games, food, laughs, and company, family time is always a great time. I find that my family often bonds the most while playing games. There’s something about laughing together and challenging one another that strengthens family ties. A few years ago, a couple of games were introduced at a family reunion that instantly became favorites. Since that reunion, we have played these entertaining games numerous times. Looking for some FREE family fun? Jump on board and get a load of these wacky games.

Unique Party Games


1. Cracker Smacker – This game is SO much fun! To start things out, everyone attaches a saltine cracker to their belt loop using dental floss. (You tie one end of the floss to your belt and the other end is attached to the cracker) Participants may choose how long they would like their piece of dental floss (anywhere from 6 to 12 inches). After the cracker is attached, every player receives a rolled up piece of newspaper. The goal of the game is to try and be the last person standing with your cracker still attached. So basically, once the game begins, you run around trying to smack the other players’ crackers to pieces. Players are out of the game after their cracker has been smashed. We played this game at a church youth camp and it was a huge hit.

2. The Name Game – This a great “getting to know you” game. Players are divided into two teams. After making sure that all players know each others names, the game begins. A large blanket is placed between the two teams (players are sitting on the ground facing each other).  Each team silently selects a player to go to the front of the blanket. Once 2 players have been selected from each team, the blanket is dropped; the player who shouts out their competitor’s name first wins. The looser then joins the winning team. The game ends once everyone is on the same team. This simple game is a definite crowd pleaser!


3. Pudding Drop – This game is hilarious! All players are divided into pairs. One person lays on the ground while the other player stands on a chair. The goal of the game is to try and drop pudding from on top of the chair into your partners mouth (to help the pudding not get on clothes, you may choose to protect clothes with a plastic table cloth). The player (on the ground) with the cleanest face wins. This game can get quite messy, but that’s half the fun.

What inexpensive family activities do you enjoy?