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Cut it Out Wooden Frames

I received Cut It Out Frames in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Recently, I decided to spruce up my living room by building some rustic wooden shelves. Contemplating what I wanted to put on these shelves, I decided to dress my shelves with fun and unique frames. As I searched for such frames, I was lucky enough to stumble upon decorative wood cutouts from Cut It Out.


Cut It Out features unfinished decorative wooden cutouts; frames, letters, words, symbols, and numbers. Decorate these wooden cutouts to create modern home decor. With frames ranging in sizes from 2.5 X 3.5 to 20 X 30, there are frames to suit everyone’s taste. Not only do these frames range in size, but Cut it Out frames come in a variety of fun and unique shapes. With the option of purchasing double layered frames, Cut It Out provides many fun decor pieces to dress the walls of your home.


I love how my Cut It Out frames look on my picture shelf. We just took some family pictures and once I print them out, I plan on displaying them in my Cut It Out frames. Painting these frames and making them my own was a lot of fun. I found that best results were achieved when using acrylic paint on these frames. My   5 X 7 Newport, Brooklyn, and Oval frames ($8.99) are some of the sturdiest wooden frames I own; a lot better quality than anything I’ve ever purchased from a craft store. Although these frames don’t include glass, if you’d like glass, you can easily purchase a piece at the dollar store. The frames’ design and shape add such a modern touch to my picture shelves.


Cut It Out frames are extremely affordable, unique, modern, and high quality. Dress the walls of your home with Cut It Out wooden cutouts (prices vary) today.