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50 Unique Date Ideas

Love is in the air, and whether you are planning for a first date or you’ve been married for years, don’t make it a boring date! There are many unique dates ideas you can do that aren’t that expensive that will help you learn more about the person you’re taking out even if you’ve been together awhile.

You won’t find your basic dinner and movie date listed here (because who can really get to know someone while remaining quiet in a movie), but you will find other fun things that will make an impression on your date.

50 Unique Date Ideas

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50 Unique Date Ideas

1.) Have a picnic! Dates don’t have to be reserved for night and a simple, old-fashioned picnic is much more thought-out than a restaurant.

2.) Go to a museum and take the full tour.

3.) Take a ride on a hot air balloon!

4.) Take a hike- and bring your date along!

5.) Visit a pet store. If you are an animal lover, see if your date is, too, by taking them to a pet store.

6.) Take an art class. Remember ‘Ghost’? Yeah, pottery and painting classes are still that hot.

7.) Visit the zoo… seriously! It’s fun!

8.) Meet for breakfast instead of dinner- then you have the whole day to plan together.

9.) Go dancing, even if you both are bad at it. It’s not so bad to look like fools together.

10.) Meet up at the beach for some relaxing time in the sun together. It’s casual but still lots of fun!

11.) Go to a convention of a like-minded hobby or interest.

12.) Volunteer! You give back together and learn more about one another.

13.) Go skating, even if you aren’t good at it. It’s a great way to remember your junior high school days and laugh if you both fall.

14.) Go bowling and invite a group of people to make the date less awkward, especially if it is a blind date.

15.) Play some putt-putt mini golf and wager on the loser buying ice cream afterward.

16.) Make pizza at home in either your home or your date’s place. It’s a comfortable place and an easy meal to prepare.

17.) Go for a nighttime stroll and out for ice cream or frozen yogurt. It isn’t formal, but it will let you both know if you want a second date or not.

18.) Hit the gym and sweat it out as you talk it out.

19.) Take some time to go around town and shoot photos of interesting sites you see. This will help you both learn more about each other and the place in which you live.

20.) Try restaurants that are local, out of the way, and not crowded and spend more than an hour there sampling different things from the menu and actually taking time to eat them, not inhale them.

21.) Go pick a bouquet of wildflowers. While you’re out picking flowers you can talk to one another in a way you can’t at a movie, and when the date is done give your date the flowers you picked. How romantic!

22.) Go on a historical tour of your town together.

23.) Go on a chartered fishing trip and offer to bait her hook.

24.) If you’re an adrenaline junkie, go sky-diving or bungee jumping together.

25.) If the fair is in town, go for a ride on the Ferris-wheel and stop for some cotton candy.

26.) Stroll the boardwalk on the beach and stop at a cafe for a mid-afternoon drink to beat the heat.

27.) Go to a party of mutual friends. If you get bored of each other, oh well! Your friends are around.

28.) Go to the arcade and have fun playing all the games.

29.) While a movie is a cautious “no,” going to a live theater production is a resounding “yes!”

30.) It may seem corny, but making a late night picnic and catching fireflies is a great way to make your date remember you every time he or she sees lightning bugs light up the dark.

31.) Go sing karaoke and ham it up!

32.) Have your caricatures drawn by a street artist. What better way to see how cute you two are together?

33.) Of course, you could get a real image and visit a photo booth and take great pictures and then go grab lunch and laugh at your silly faces.

34.) Sometimes you just can’t make a meal, so go out for drinks at a restaurant opening!

35.) Find a secluded place with lots of sidewalk and concrete and color it in with chalk art.

36.) Go for a drive in the country and listen to your favorite types of music.

37.) Visit an art gallery event and dress up for the event, which will also impress your date on how well you clean up.

38.) You need to go shopping for clothes, she likes shopping. Go shopping together and get her input as you two hit up various places.

39.) Go to a comedy show and break the first date ice with lots of laughs.

40.) If meeting someone for the first date has you feeling the jitters, calm things down at a library and discuss a great book you just read.

41.) Sporting events are always fun dates, if you know your date is into sports.

42.) If you like a certain pool-hall, invite your date for a fun game of 8-Ball.

43.) Cook for each other then meet at a mutually loved location to share your food.

44.) Go to a book signing and then later discuss what you like so much about the author. This also works with meet and greets for bands.

45.) Go to a local musical show and then out for dessert to talk about your favorite types of music.

46.) Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day.

47.) Go camping and enjoy the solitude of nature and each others company.

48.) Go to the playground and actually play. Push your date on the swing, too!

49.) Over lunch in a quiet place, play cards and Truth or Dare at the same time.

50.) Drive-in movies are the only movies you should go to on a first date. Make it really fun by dressing in 1950s attire then going out for milkshakes after.

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