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Reinventing Sleep with the Daydreamer

I received a Daydreamer in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

When my son was an infant, he suffered from acid reflux. Because of his reflux, my son spent the first few months of his life taking naps in his bouncer; this way his head could stay elevated while he slept. Although this helped with his illness, I always worried that it wasn’t comfortable enough for him. On top of his bouncer’s lack of comfort, it was a huge pain to clean when he would spit up.


Whether or not your child suffers from acid reflex, the Daydreamer is a must for every new parent. Extremely comfortable, the Daydreamer provides a safe and snug (28 degree) inclined sleep for your little one. Adhering to all federal safety laws and standards, the Daydreamer ensures absolute safety through a stable, uncluttered environment, and breathable inner shell. The Daydreamer allow you to keep your napping babies close by while enjoying a little free time. This more natural sleeping position will help your baby sleep more soundly.


I love everything about the Daydreamer. The waterproof seating area and machine washable cover make messes extremely easy to clean up; as a mother who feels like I’m constantly scrubbing baby messes out of furniture, this is a feature I can really appreciate. The Daydreamer’s lightweight design makes transportation extremely simple; I can keep an eye on my sleeping babe wherever I go. The Daydreamer provides motherly peace of mind and absolute comfort and safety for my little guy.

Reinvent the way your baby sleeps by finding a Daydreamer ($129.99) retailer near you by visiting